This week's update includes some great new stuff! Including a customer message history, displaying booking questions on the appointment popup, and a bunch of bug fixes.

Customer message history, booking questions on the calendar and more!

New Features & Enhancements

  • We've added a new 'View history' link for customer messages set up on the Customer messages page to make it easier to view the history of changes to message rules.
  • When an appointment has a booking question answer attached to it, we'll now show the speech bubble icon, as well as show the answer on the appointment popup.
  • We've made some tweaks to the online payment expiry process. Customers will now see an alert message that there is a payment time-out period, as well as being alerted further if they close out of the online booking process before payment has been completed.
  • Declined bookings will now show up in the Appointment history on customer records.
  • If you're using links in the Additional text of your emails sent from Timely, the links will now show as clickable when previewing the sent message under Messages > Sent messages.
  • We've made a small tweak to the pagination label on the Customer messages page. This now shows '1 of 2 message rules' instead of '1 of 2 entries'.
  • When a business turns off the option for customers to book appointments in their own timezones, we'll now automatically clear existing customer timezone overrides. This was to prevent businesses having this setting switched off, but still having customers with a timezone set.
  • On the Setup > Staff page, we've added an extra message to show how many staff are already included in your Timely subscription.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug with redeeming gift vouchers against invoices that included bookings made online.
  • When a gift voucher is issued without an associated email address, we've removed the option to 'Resend email'.
  • We've fixed up an issue where the wrong calculated total for an online booking was showing when a payment policy was set and a gift voucher applied.
  • A bug where updating the appointment address for a booking that used to be part of a recurrence was updating the other appointments in the series has been fixed.
  • We've fixed up the redirect URL for the wrapped web app when switching to Vend on mobile devices.
  • We've relaxed the validation for URLs entered into customer messages, to ensure they work correctly.
  • A bug that was occurring when moving back and forth through the online booking process has been fixed.
  • We've tidied up a checkbox on the Customer reminder emails settings that was erroneously referencing SMS.
  • The lefthand navigation under Setup wasn't working correctly on the Edit package and Add package pages, so we've fixed that up.