This week's update includes some changes to currencies in Timely, changes to how iOS users will experience Timely on the downloadable app, and more!

Currency tweaks, iOS changes and more

New Features & Enhancements

  • All users using Timely on the iOS app will now use the new version. For those wishing to use the old version, this can still be done in Safari.
  • We made some tweaks to the list of currencies in Timely so that they're more consistently labeled and correctly displayed. We've also added a few new currencies.
  • 'New' customers will now automatically change to 'Returning' when the Book next button is used. 
  • We made a tweak to the Customer sales view, so that the Vend column only displays if Vend is enabled for the account. We've also removed sorting for that column as it wasn't being used.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed up a bug where the 'Email voucher to recipient' option was not showing up if the gift voucher recipient was not an existing customer.