This week's update includes a change to the Day sheet report, some customer message and SMS template tweaks, and squishing a couple of bugs.

Changes to alerts, customer messages, and more!

New Features & Enhancements

  • It's now possible to include cancelled appointments in the Day sheet report, as well as when you print a list of appointments for a customer.
  • You'll notice our login page looks a little different, with content from our website.
  • On the Customer messages page, we'll now show the date a customer message was edited.
  • We've made some changes to Alerts/Contra indicators in the app - these are now simply called 'Alerts' to make it clearer what their purpose is.
  • We've added in a warning and truncated the preview of customer message SMS templates where the character count goes over the limit of 160 characters.

Bug Fixes

  • We've fixed up an issue with the availability search for online bookings. Previously this was not skipping ahead to the first month with available dates - this now works correctly.
  • The 'no previous appointments' filter for customer messages is now working correctly, and will not take into account future appointments.