Here's what's new at Timely this month!

August 2020 Changelog

New Features & Enhancements

4 August

  • Send a message to staff when their client arrives
    • We added a nifty new tool that allows businesses to quickly send their staff an sms (or email) when a client has arrived. When you mark an appointment as arrived a new option will now show to let the staff member know, clicking on that will bring up the adhoc message screen with a helpful message already pre-populated and ready to send.

7 August

  • Allow adding a deposit as part of adding an appointment
    • Previously an appointment had to be saved and then edited to add a deposit to it. Now the Add deposit link shows during appointment creation, making it easier to add deposits to appointments.
  • Showing customer credit balance on the calendar sidebar
    • We now show a customer's credit balance on the sidebar

10 August

  • TimelyPay Transaction History Page
    •  The TimelyPay Transaction History Page has replaced our old transaction viewer and allows businesses using TimelyPay to filter their transactions better and make reconciliation easier.

12 August

  • SMS campaigns recipient report
    • We've added a new report that shows the recipients of your SMS campaign. This can be found by clicking on the hyperlinked number of recipients on the Messages > SMS campaigns page.
  • Send Consult forms via email
    • We have now deployed the ability for customers to select whether to send a consultation via SMS or email

13 August

  • Send Consult forms automatically with SMS appointment reminders
    • Get time back by automating the sending of Consult forms instead of sending it manually. You can now choose a form to be sent out with the SMS appointment reminders. To do this, simply head to Customer messages and add/edit the SMS appointment reminder.

14 August

  • Minimise resource switching for multiple service appointments
    • This new setting will minimise the switching of rooms/resources during appointments made up of multiple services.
  • Updated Afterpay logos in app

18 August

  • Timely iOS app updated to version 2.9.14
    • New deposits feature is now supported in this update
    • Padding time will also be shown on the calendar if the setting is enabled
    • We have also made some platform updates for Tyro payments

25 August

  • TimelyPay Partial Refunds
    • Businesses can now issue partial refunds for TimelyPay through the web app if the amount they want to refund is less than the TimelyPay payment made.
  • TimelyPay Label on Invoices
    • Businesses should now see 'TimelyPay' as the payment method when viewing an invoice if a payment was made via TimelyPay.

26 August

  • A new look for the Products page!
    • We've given the Setup > Products page a new look! It's sporting our new charcoal buttons, and a few other important changes.
    • A new 'Adjust' button which can be used to make one-off stock level adjustments to products.
    • A new menu on the right hand side of each product line, housing the 'Edit' and 'Delete' options for products.
    • Some reorganisation of the Stock orders and Manage stock levels buttons at the top of the page.

31 August

  • Warning for Unfinished Refunds
    • To help reduce unpaid refund invoices from businesses, we have added an alert for users going through the refund process to select a payment refund method first before abandoning their workflow.
  • A new version of the Consult iOS app (2.3.5) is available
    • The Consult logo has been updated, and the app name is is now called 'Timely Consult - Custom forms' in the App Store.
    • Users are now prompted to 'Sync form to business' when they save the form and have not enabled 'Share with business' in their form settings.

Bug Fixes

3 August

  • Making sure deposits work with Paypal payment confirmations
    • We fixed an issue where deposits were getting into a broken state showing as unpaid despite being linked to a fully paid invoice. This fix ensures that when a payment confirmation from PayPal comes in after the booking has already been expired that we restore the deposit to a valid state along with restoring the booking.

4 August

  • Stop showing add customer screen when hitting enter on the sidebar search box
    • A bug where if you hit enter when searching on the calendar sidebar meant that the add customer popup was showing has been fixed.

5 August

  • Instagram bookings layout bug fix
    • We fixed a bug that was impacting bookings made through Instagram where clients couldn't progress to the next step to make a booking.

6 August

  • Respecting the 'Don't allow products to be sold when out of stock' setting on the iPad app
    • This bug was allowing products to be sold on the iOS app when out of stock despite this setting being enabled.

7 August

  • Fixed the positioning of invoice links on the appointment screen
    • A small layout bug was fixed whereby the positioning of the invoice link was incorrect

12 August

  • Updated date format on Stock levels report
    • We've updated the date format on the Stock levels report to be consistent with the date format selected in your account under Setup > Business details. Previously it was showing in American date format for everyone.

14 August

  • Bug fixed for switching registers on Chrome
    • We fixed a bug where some users were having issues switching registers when using the Chrome browser

18 August

  • Fixed some issues with the Edit prices permission
    • We fixed some issues with the 'Can edit prices on the sale' permission where staff without this permission were able to edit prices.
  • SMS campaigns filtering bug fixed
    • We fixed a bug where filters were not being properly applied to SMS campaigns.

19 August

  • Online booking layout bugs fixed
    • Some clients on certain mobile devices were getting incorrect layouts when booking online.

20 August

  • All resources calendar view not remembered when calendar refreshed
    • We fixed a bug where the preference around the All resources calendar was not being remembered when the calendar was refreshed.
  • Location access not applying on the roster
    • We tidied up an issue where location access was not being properly applied when a staff member was viewing the roster
  • Forms being emailed to clients are now showing in Sent messages
  • An update to our partner terms has been made

27 August

  • Fixed a bug where clients weren't able to fill in a form with multiple checkbox questions that had the same name