It's August! Here's the updates we've released this month.

August 2019 Changelog

New Features & Enhancements

1 August

  • We've released a bunch of improvements to the calendar experience, including
    • The ability to mark appointments as having the staff involved specifically requested from the calendar
    • A new icon to show when an appointment has requested staff
    • A new visual treatment for completed appointments on the calendar, they will now show with a white background
    • Upgraded design for the status icons shown on appointments on the calendar
    • No more overlapping of appointment titles and appointment icons
    • New design for breaks and closed times to help distinguish these more easily
    • Displaying the resource name on a booking that has a resource attached, the resource name will also show in the resource icon tooltip
    • Arrived appointments now have stronger colours to make them stand out

2 August

  • Over in our iOS app you can now see your unread SMS count as a badge on the Timely icon when you're outside of the app. Just enable notifications when prompted and you'll make sure you never miss a message.
  • You can now print or send an SMS appointment reminder in iOS! Perfect for when a client has lost their details and a reminder the day-of just won’t cut it.
  • Client records have a new option to easily collect SMS Marketing consent in the iOS app. Makes GDPR compliance effortless.

8 August

  • Within staff access the account holder is now able to select locations that a staff member can get access to. If the staff member is rostered on a location they automatically get access to that location.
  • When staff access reports, calendar, stock, rosters, dashboard and sales they will only be able to do so at the location to which they are restricted.

12 August

  • New update to the Consult app:
    • You'll now find face & body images that you can use to visually document and track the treatments you'll provide during consultation.
    • Added 5 fresh new templates! Check it out!

22 August

  • New update to SMS campaigns where in New Zealand you can now send multi-part SMS campaigns.

Bug Fixes

1 August

  • Fixed alignment of the cancel appointment link on the calendar appointment popout.

12 August

  • SMS campaigns - we've fixed an issue where sometimes the 'Next' button is enabled before the filters are applied.

19 August

  • Timely iOS app - we've fixed a bug where discounts could be incorrectly applied over split sale in the app.
  • Consult app - we've managed to track down a pesky bug that logged some users out daily, which meant users had to log in again and again. We've trapped that bug and squashed it so you can get to your consultations quicker.

21 August

  • Fixed printing the calendar so that it prints out nicely
  • Improved look and feel of staff requested check box on the mobile web App

23 August

  • We fixed a bug with our new location-based access, whereby viewing the View invoices page with restricted location access was showing all locations

26 August

  • We fixed a long-standing issue with rounding when adjusting product quantities
  • A bug around SMS quota reset emails being sent multiple times was fixed

28 August

  • We fixed a bug where not all services were being brought onto an invoice when using the Add other appointments option when raising a sale

30 August

  • We fixed a bug that was causing longer than normal loading times on the calendar
  • We fixed a bug around how the requested staff member status on online bookings was being set.