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April 2021 Changelog

New Features & Enhancements

9 April

  • TimelyPay as its own Payment Type
    • TimelyPay is now shown as a separate payment type from Credit Card in all places on the app. This will reduce discrepancies and confusion in the cash up report and/or when reconciling payments for accounting integrations for TimelyPay businesses. Please note that this change will not be retrospective and will only apply from today.

14 April

  • Saved Card Info on the Customer Side Bar
    • We’ve added a new field on the customer side bar called Saved cards, so it’s easier for TimelyPay businesses to check if their client has a saved card or not from the calendar. Clicking on the link here will take them to the Merchant Form Terminal of that client’s profile too.
  • Updated Hierarchy of the Online Payments Page
    • We’ve switched components around and moved the Online Payment Terms setting at the top of the page instead of Card capture.

23 April

  • Client Login design changes for TimelyPay businesses
    • On the Secure Payments Page, when saving a card, we've shifted the lock icon to the right hand side to make it look more prominent,
    • We've reworded the loading screen before the Secure Payments Page for TimelyPay businesses who have card capture enabled but are not taking online payments in order to make it clearer to their clients that a saved card is needed to complete their booking.
  • Clarity on what details will be saved when merging client profiles
    • We have added a warning text if a TimelyPay business merges two clients to let them know that Saved Cards will be lost too.

Bug Fixes

14 April

  • Appointment details changes for Businesses with Card Capture but are not taking payments
    • We brought back the appointment details (date and time) on the card details page of Client Login.
  • TimelyPay - Payments stuck pending forever
    • We’ve fixed a bug wherein clients of TimelyPay businesses accidentally pay for both the deposit and remaining balance of their online booking even if they’re only supposed to the pay deposit.  This happens when an error occurs, and the payment is pending forever, then the clients try to pay again even though their previous payment already succeeded. We’ve resolved this now, so that we redirect to the success screen if a payment / deposit successfully was made.

23 April

  • Saved Card Info on the Customer Side Bar for Non-TimelyPay Businesses
    • We've fixed a bug where Saved Cards were still showing in the Calendar Sidebar when a business had turned TimelyPay off.