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April 2019 Changelog

New Features & Enhancements

30 April

  • Improved the display of the "Pay now" & "Pay later" buttons on the mobile version of online bookings (including via Instagram). These buttons are now pinned to the bottom of the display so that they are always visible.
  • Fields that are not required in online booking are now marked with optional labels.
  • Improved the look and feel of the cancel and change appointment screens.

12 April

  • Online booking just got a facelift! We’ve refreshed the design of Online Booking so it’s beautiful, modern and elevates your brand experience. Importantly, with 70%+ online bookings happening via mobile, the new design is built to deliver a world-class experience on mobile devices. Your clients start experiencing your business as soon as they book online, so it’s important that the experience is quick, easy and beautiful.

9 April

  • Minimise gaps for online bookings just got smarter! You can now turn off the last slot of the day when minimising gaps. This would mean you can avoid needing to fill gaps from the end of the day.
  • You can also choose to only apply Minimise gaps on days that you have 1 or more appointments, so your clients can see all available timeslots on days that you haven't had any appointments booked.
  • Shuffle staff selection for online bookings. Originally implemented for minimise gaps, but now extended to customers who choose not to enable Minimise gaps as well.

1 April

  • As we let you know we've been working on a facelift for the Timely App. This update you'll get to see our beautiful new colour scheme in action with an updated look for the app and a brand new app icon.
  • We've made it even easier for staff to share devices. Now when you select Switch user you'll see all the recent users listed first so you don't have to scroll for miles to find your name. Big thank you to our Timely users who suggested this update.
  • It's even easier to manage client's notes. If you have clients with lots of notes saved on their account, you can now browse through them easily to find the information you need, no more hunting back through old appointments
  • You can now use your Bluetooth socket scanner with the Timely App. Socket scanners are a great way to save time and reduce human error when selling products, gift vouchers and using Afterpay. Details on how to set up your scanner can be found in our help guides.
  • We tightened up the restrictions around who can edit customer details through the app

Bug Fixes

30 April

  • We fixed an issue in online bookings where the "Pay now" and "Pay later" buttons could be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fix an issue that could sometimes prevent people from going to the previous step from the date selection step of online booking.
  • Fixed the cancel appointment button to make sure it didn't look like a disabled button.

9 April

  • We fixed an issue where clients could modify online booking via cal attachment on confirmation email when the setting is disabled.

4 April

  • We fixed an issue where sometimes you were unable to delete the last service from a multi-service appointment.
  • Occasionally there were issues selecting your country during registration, now resolved.