Todays update includes the first version of our bulk stock adjustments feature, along with a few bug fixes.

Bulk stock adjustments version one is here!

Bulk stock adjustments

Our new bulk stock adjustments feature allows you to easily add multiple products to a list and adjust the stock quantities for multiple products in one go. Version one of this feature is a decrease by default, and uses the adjustment reason of ‘Internal use’.

We’re currently working on version two which will add further value to the feature by adding the ability to increase stock, select different adjustment reasons and use a tally view to adjust the amounts for each product.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug where the new 'Exclude tax' option on the Executive summary report was not excluding tax on the Average value column.
  • We made an update to stock alert notifications that appear within Timely to include information on what location a stock item is running low at.