The Wall of Love

Timely customers are the best! Read this feedback and you’ll understand why we love making a product that helps so many people..

The percentage of "no-shows" is now nearly non existent! Plus, my clients can now book online from my website. Totally LOVE that!

  Theresa Joyce,
Heavenly Beauty

Simple logical layout. Works efficiently. Melds seamlessly with my google calendar. Great staff support.

  Marie King,

I, being somewhat uncultured in technology, found the program easy to use and tailor. Furthermore I’ve gained so much knowledge, including how to create and send email campaigns, from the friendly customer help team. Not only will they present step by step advice when you have a query, they go above and beyond to assist with your request…. And all with a friendly attitude!

  Rebecca Wattam,

I have been using Timely for scheduling and invoicing for almost a year now. It's been so easy to set-up and use. My reception staff have found it easy to learn and work. Being clinic but also mobile based, Timely allows me to do what I need in any situation/location. I love the unpaid invoices report as I can pull it up at the end of the month and I know exactly where my invoices need to go.

  Liz Forrest,
Taranaki Hand Therapy

My clients find it really easy to book online, so it has increased sales. I like that it is like my receptionist.

  Chloe Parsonson,
Kala Body Remedial Massage

Easy to use for myself and my clients. I love the text alerts and email reminders to clients. Clean and professional looking.

  Sarah Thong,
Sarah Thong Makeup & Beauty

Timely is very user friendly and easy to use. It ties in well to other technology, and I always receive a very fast response time from customer support.

  April Thewlis,
Mumma Massage

So efficient and easy to use.

  Alex Black,
Gt Bentley Beauty & Skin Care

Timely is very easy to use and the support team is absolutely fantastic. Thank you!

  Suzi Cavar,
Cocolocks Hair Extensions

User friendly, and you actually listen to your customers feedback to make it a better system :)

  Mario Meadows,
Chic Salon and Spa

I have used nearly every beauty software system over the 12 years I have been a Beauty Therapist and I can hands down say the Timely is the best by far!

  Jenna Hitchcock,

This tool is the best salon software system. Very easy to use with backup support staff a click away. I didn't want to be in a contract and purchase the high cost software with the other competing company. This software is easy to manage with monthly payments, being able to cancel any time if you sell or transfer to a new owner. My staff and customers love it, every day I have customers reminding me how much they appreciate the txt reminders. The online booking system is a god-send. With my own mini-website clients can book direct off my web page or my Facebook page. It's very practical, quick, straightforward and easy to use and looks very professional.

  Jan Hutcheon,
Precision For Hair

Awesome customer service and ease of use on multiple devices.

  Amanda Jeffery,
Beatitude Skin & Body

If I didn't have Timely, I'd be super disorganised!

  Hilary Wardhaugh,
Hilary Wardhaugh Photography

It's reliable, easy and there are NO no-shows.

  Nicola Douglas,
Nicola Douglas Acupuncture

So easy to use, saves me so much time when clients can book themselves in, and really affordable. I wouldn't be without it!

  Safka Ferguson,
Attraction Beauty

After over 20 years of using a note pad and diary we finally took the plunge and went computerised. Best business decision I've made, after lots of research I chose Timely. The staff have all been knowledgeable and pleasant, not that I've really needed to contact them much. The system is soooooo easy. My customers are loving the online booking and it's very reasonably priced.

  Rosin Clarke,
Headquarters Salon

Timely makes booking treatments so easy for my customers and is packed full of great features. It makes my business run smoothly and I find it really easy to use as well.

  Katie Tilson,
Apple Orchard Beauty

This software is great! It allows for easy bookings and financials and has the ability to integrate well with just about any company.

  Melissa Chiavaroli,
Life Long Smiles

Easy to use, and cuts my work load in half (or more).

  Megan Ferguson,
Ferguson Myotherapy

I love Timely so much and is now a part of my life such as my phone and sunglasses. I never go anywhere without it, and I'll never buy I paper diary ever again. Timely is an integral part of my company, like my van or Eftpos. I can't trade without it!

  Jay McPhee,
Chimney Sweep Dunedin

I trialled this product for the first month free and was hooked after that, for a small business it is brilliant.

  Jackie Birch,
Nailz by Jaxx

As a sole trader, working alone, Timely is like my front desk and receptionist!

  Carrie Greer,
The Little Mountain Spa

The best thing is that you guys are not too business-like, you’re more friendly. When we work together I feel like I’m working with human beings and that I can trust you.

  Megumi Kida,
Kida NYC

Very happy with the support you have offered over the past year.

  Lisa Nickolson,
Lush Beauty Room

Timely is such an important part of my business. I log on each morning and go from there! It looks after all my customers' appointments without me having to think much about that side of the business. I really would be lost without it. It's very easy to use and Timely is always making improvements to improve the system even more. The customer service is second to none. So personal and they couldn't do enough for you. My customers have often remarked how professional their booking correspondence looks and how the system always keeps them right!

  Angela Hamilton,
The Music Yard

It has boosted our business at least 30% since integrating it 6 months ago.

  Stef Crowley,
Right for Life Massage & Energy Centre

Timely is amazing!

  Kristyn Banks,
Red Raspberry Beauty Boutique

I'm thrilled with Timely and all the advances they are making. I have worked with two other major beauty software programs; they were dearer and I never got the incredible response to my queries I get from Timely staff. Often they would charge me extra for their error!

So "good on you" to all the Techbots and Admin out there and I apologise if I’ve missed someone.

  Judy Henry,
Salon Secrets

The product just works and it's easy to use and the support is great.

  Grant Falconer,
Sir George Seymour College