The Wall of Love

Timely customers are the best! Read this feedback and you’ll understand why we love making a product that helps so many people..

Timely is the backbone of our business, and every update has provided us with more flexibility and reliable automation.

  Stacey Burt,
Customer of the Week: Little Company

I adore Timely. It helps me with planning my entire life out and it is so easy to use!

  Mel Devery,
Mel Devery – Creative Hairstylist

It was a big jump for us going from the old paper diary and pencil to a computer and software but now we would never look back, it's such a dream to use day to day and so easy to personalise every detail to work in with your business. Love how all staff can view and make appointments from out of the salon and how great it blends with Xero. Super happy with the pricing and we would never be without it now.

  Sophie Esselbrugge,
Little Hair Co

I have been using Timely at my Sports Massage clinic for 1 year now. I had a look around other software and I'm stoked to have chosen Timely straight away. They are a forward thinking company, always streamlining their system to suit market expectations and technology which puts them ahead, this also makes me confident that the system will adapt to suit future technological changes. They also have very friendly, accessible and helpful staff for any confusion or problems I have had!

  Theo Wallis,
The Muscle Mechanics

All my clients comment how easy it is to book an appointment. They like the reminder service — very professional.

  Janine James,
Comforts Health and Beauty

You've helped me to have more time with clients and more ‘Tara' Time by reducing my administration hours! You've also helped with keeping my books accurate and current and payments up to date, and forecasting which means steady cash flow for me.

  Tara Antle,
Healthy Balance

Timely has been one of the best decisions I've ever made for my business ... and my sanity!! With customers managing their own bookings I now have my lunch breaks and evenings free. Added to that, my 'no shows' and last minute cancellations have been reduced so much that I have been able to cut my working week by a day and still see the same number of clients.

  Caroline Tyler,
Caroline Tyler

I've used Timely for about a year and it has revolutionised the admin of running my teaching practice. I have gone from being a seriously disorganised person to a very organised one. I can bill my clients online as well, which is great.

  Marcus James,
Alexander Technique Teacher

We use Timely in out accounting practice and link it to Xero software. Couldn't get anything better than this system, it works very well for us.

  Elina Naum,

Timely has made starting my own business very smooth because it is so easy to use. The Timely team have even taken on board a suggestion I made and they are always working on improving their systems. I am very happy I chose to work with Timely.

  Sonja Rusden,
Saundarya Spa

Timely is the business manager that I don't have.

  Kerry Herdman,
Urban Eden Beauty

Love this software, easy to access from anywhere which makes it so usable. Never miss a client as you can book them in from home, or on your days off, using your cell phone or home computer. Absolutely love it!

  Deb Kerr,
Amberlee Beauty Therapy

Timely has been fantastic! I was hesitant when someone suggested I use an online scheduler as I felt it would take away a little bit of control as the business owner. Turns out I was wrong. Timely saves me between 8 - 10 hours of administration work weekly and my clients love it.

The fact that they can schedule their weekly sessions, move around appointments and confirm appointment times has made my daily routine easier. As a Nutritionist in a Private Practice, Timely has taught me the in's and out's of business and has helped my business grow. I now have more time to spend with clients, give seminars, keep up on research, and network. Timely has even allotted me time to start writing my first book! Thank you a Million times over.

  Tara Antle,
Healthy Balance

It's taken the worry out of my day. It's reliable and very professional. I can check my book anywhere, any time and the reports are terrific too.

  Trina Villalon,
Libelle Beauty Clinic

Everything is clear and simple to use. Clients love the online booking feature that they can use via my Timely mini-website, and text reminders take the pressure off me to remind clients of their appointments – reducing my no-shows! Highly recommend Timely. I don't think I'd ever change systems.

  Bridget Phillips,
Beauty Boutique

Their customer support is amazing, which I have only had to use 2x, they are that good! To have your calendar access anytime anywhere on any device, who wouldn't love it! Having the ability to send text reminders to our customers' phones has cut down on missed appointments drastically! This service is a must for our family owned business. Wouldn't do without it!

  Vanessa McCormick,
My Body Organic

Amazing customer service. Always answers your questions promptly and is always available for you. The program is very customisable and user-friendly for all. I love that it's accessible from anywhere and at any time. All staff are able to use Timely which keeps everyone updated. We always know who is available to teach, where and what time.

  Jacqui King,
Hit The Floor

Therapy work can be draining. Last year I was at risk of burning-out but felt stuck as I had to maintain a certain level of income to help my children through university and pay my bills. However, since using Timely my 'no shows' and last minute cancellations have been reduced so dramatically that I am now able to work 4 days a week instead of 5 and yet maintain the same level of turnover.

This has, as you can imagine, transformed both my health and my life.

  Caroline Tyler,
Caroline Tyler Consulting

From a clinic administration point of view, it is easy to use and the development team is responsive to the end users needs. The constant R&D means that we know that the product we use today will continue to keep up with our needs into the future. Keep up the good work.

  Monique LeBehan,
Albury Connected Therapies

I love everything. Best system I have used in my 20 years as a hairdresser

  Anna Haldane,
The Collective – Hair Artistry

Adding the use of Timely to our business has allowed us to give our customers the freedom to book their appointments at their own convenience, wherever they may fit in their schedules. This saves us and them so much time and frustration. Having the reminder texts with the address attached is so convenient!
Thank you Timely Team!

  Jay Nelson,

Let's just say I have not smiled so much in month... You guys rock

  Samantha Lyden,
Total Therapy Solutions

I love Timely and I am so glad I decided to get an online booking system (prior to this I used a diary and spent many hours getting appointments booked via txt and phone conversations). It is seamless now and my clients love the fact that they can go and book themselves in. Easy peasy!

  Vanessa Kenny,
The Green Room

As a small nonprofit, we are able to run our startup mentorship program with a larger number of experts and collect measurable impact in our community. It has enabled us to facilitate more connections and help guide more entrepreneurs on their path to success.

  Andrew Singleton,
Venture Café Foundation

My appointments and sales are all in the one system. It's easy to use and provides me with the reports that I need. I also love that it links to my Xero accounting package.

  Sue Thrupp,
Salt Caves Toowoomba

The last thing you want to do when working in the industry is focus on paper work and reminders. Timely does it for you and you can have the freedom to become the best in your field.

  Matt Mckay,
Matt Mckay Personal Training

I love using Timely for my chiropractic business and my patients love it too! It is easy to use. I frequently get comments from patients on how much they like the app, and how user friendly it is.

The value and price are just right. I like the web appointment page that I use for letting people know a little about me and my business. I have now added a bigger website to my business and Timely integrated perfectly with it. I can't say enough about Timely!

  Tonja Matthias,
The Wellness Room

Convenient way for clients to see my schedule & book appointments directly without having to contact me. Sends my clients text/email reminders, which saves me a bunch of time. Great delegation tool!

  Lindsay Sudell,
Simply Stretch LA

My work/life balance is made so much easier with Timely!

I run a small beauty salon with 3 staff and over 1000 clients. Timely has changed my life in so many ways and I am so glad I made the decision to go with them. I can now confirm client appointments on the move, check times and amend staff working hours and so so much more.

As a busy mum and a business owner this software allows me to multi-task and helps take the stress out of running a business. Thank you, Timely!

  Kerry Herdman,
Urban Eden Beauty

It's wonderful to be able to access Timely remotely and it's a lovely system to use with amazing staff available to assist if needed. Thanks Timely team!

  Anna Robinson,
The Spa at Muskoka Ridge