Answers to common questions

Issy from Timely Support

Hi, I’m Issy from Timely Onboarding

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Timely is cloud-based software, which means there’s nothing to download, nothing to install, and nothing to update when we release new features. Just create an account and you can access an always-up-to-date timely from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Use as many email reminders as you like for free. No limits, no hidden costs.

SMS reminders are a little different, and make these available as separate pre-paid packs. They don’t expire, we drop you a reminder to top-up when you’re getting low, and the more you buy in a pack the cheaper they are per message. View SMS prices

We partner with the best in the newsletter business, Mailchimp, to handle any newsletters you’d like to send out to your customers. Our integration with them will keep your customer list synced with your mailing list, and Mailchimp will let you send out beautiful email campaigns quickly and easily.

Many of the businesses using Timely are mobile, so we have a special function built into the system to handle this. Just set your ‘location’ as being mobile (rather than fixed) and Timely will require a customer address to set as the appointment location.

A booking system isn’t much use if your customers can’t find it, so we make it as easy as possible for you to get it out there. There are a range of booking buttons you can easily add to your own website, and a full widget too. Both options will keep your customers squarely on your site while they make their booking.

Did we mention we have a booking button you can add to your Facebook page with two clicks?

Yes, they certainly can. Timely integrates with a range of payment gateways, so just create an account with one of those services and pop the details into your Timely account. Your customers can start payment for their appointments online right away.

There are a number of options available, too – make online payments optional or mandatory, ask for the full amount, or just take a deposit. Make Timely work the way your business works.

We support a number of direct imports from other systems, so usually it’s as simple as exporting the customer list from your existing system and clicking the import button within timely.

If you’re using another system that isn’t currently supported we have a generic import sheet available for you, and an amazing support team ready to give you a hand if you get stuck.

We’re happy to do the same for your future appointments, too – just send them through to us as an exported spreadsheet from your current system and we’ll take a look.

We’re trusted by thousands of customers to keep their sensitive data safe and secure. We take multiple steps to ensure that no chances are taken when it comes to the information we hold. For more information please refer to the Timely Security page.

There are Timely mobile apps for iPhone and iPad available from the App Store. For Android or other mobile devices there are lovingly crafted mobile views that kick in when you access Just login to Timely in your phone or tablet’s browser and the system handles the rest – Timely will detect your screen size and adjust the layout accordingly.