Lucy uses Timely to create an exceptional experience at Rose and River

With a passion for wellness, TLC, and perfect pedicures, Lucy created urban sanctuary Rose and River in South East London.

As someone who had never worked with beauty software before, I was able to set the whole thing up myself. I barely needed any support because it was super, super simple.

Lucy Wigfall

Founder, Rose and River

Wellness over perfection

Lucy doesn’t see rest and relaxation as a luxury; but as part of a balanced lifestyle. With a service menu including facials, manicures and pedicures, brow shaping and tinting, lashes, and waxing, she wanted to create a space where people felt relaxed, comfortable, and calm. Clients leave Rose and River feeling pampered from head to perfectly-pedicured-toe.

Why did you start Rose and River?

I’ve always been passionate about beauty. Indulging in regular treatments was how I chose to unwind and switch off, but I felt there was a huge gap in the market for a beauty salon that focused on wellness as opposed to perfection. I wanted to give people that hour out of their busy day to really relax and look after themselves.

What makes Rose and River different to its competitors?

We believe that beauty and wellness go hand in hand. From our hand-picked essential oils to our nature-inspired decor, Rose and River is a place that you can come and totally relax and reset. Clients come here because they have an experience, and I think that’s what sets us aside from a lot of other beauty salons.

What do you love most about Timely?

I knew the minute I signed up to Timely that it was exactly what I needed. It was easy. As someone who had never worked with beauty software before, I was able to set the whole thing up myself, and manage and run it completely independently. I barely needed any support because it was super, super simple.

Why is Timely important to your business?

Timely makes our lives so much easier; it’s a fundamental part of the business. Staff can access their calendars so they know what’s happening every day, and I can check in on the business when I’m not there. Customers can book online and it’s a great experience for them. There are so many features that we couldn’t live without!

Lucy’s Timely tips and tricks

Use online booking so your clients have 24/7 access

Customers constantly tell us how easy our online booking system is, and it saves us lots of time. It’s the start of their journey with Rose and River, and it adds to the great experience they have with us.

Manage your business on the go with the Timely iOS app

When I’m not in the salon, I can log in to our account from the Timely iOS app on my iPad or iPhone. I’m constantly checking on appointments throughout the day, and I can access all the reports. I can see everything from the comfort of my own home and know that everything in the business is running smoothly.

Go paperless with free customisable digital forms

Timely launched Consult, a free app which we use for client consultations on our iPad. We give the iPad to the customer, they fill out the consultation form, and it uploads directly to their client  profile in Timely, which makes our lives so much easier

Make it quick and easy for your clients to pay using Timely and iZettle

We use Timely on a single iPad, which we’ve connected to iZettle to make paying for treatments really simple for our clients. They just have to tap on the portable iZettle card reader, which talks to Timely, and they’re done.

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