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Client experience

Create an experience that’ll wow your existing clients, attract new ones, and keep them coming back to your business.

Online bookings

Fill your calendar, maximise your booked time, and delight your new and existing clients with beautiful and intelligent online booking

Digital consultations

Save time, deliver an amazing client experience, and protect your staff, clients, and business with Consult’s customisable digital forms.

Client experience

A beautiful client experience means happy clients and great word of mouth. Timely has all the tools to help you deliver an exceptional experience.


Say good-bye to annoying no-shows, make money online and market your business with ease

Payments and deposits

Using TimelyPay to collect deposits and cancellation fees will reduce your no-shows and save you thousands in lost income every year.

Easy-to-use marketing

Build your brand, credibility and client loyalty with Timely's powerful marketing tools that help automate client growth and retention.

Shopify online store

Set up a beautiful online store to sell your retail products through Shopify. Your Timely reports will show your sales linked to your client records.


Save yourself hours of admin every day, stay in control of your business, and make smart business decisions

Staff management

Keep your team focused and organised with staff dashboards, timesheets, rosters, and automated appointment updates.

Stock and inventory

Cut your admin time in half and keep your business humming with easy-to-use retail and professional stock management tools.

Reporting and analytics

Timely's dashboard and in-depth reports provide insights that power your decision-making, help motivate your team, and keep you in control.

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