Media Release, 15/05/17

Work-life Balance Key to Award-winning Tech Company

The NZ Hi-Tech Awards celebrate New Zealand’s most successful high-tech companies and highest achieving individuals.

Finalists for the Coretex Hi-Tech Emerging Company of the Year category included: Figured, Harmoney, Link Engine Management, and Silverstripe. Timely were honoured to be considered amongst such high quality competition.

Ryan Baker, Timely CEO had this to say about the achievement. “I’ve been in the finals judging process for these awards nine times; four with our last business and five with Timely. These things don’t get handed out for participation. The companies are amazing and it’s bloody hard to win, which makes it even more rewarding.”

Founded in 2012, Timely currently serves almost 7,500 businesses in more than 90 countries worldwide, with a growing staff of 37 remote employees based in Dunedin, Wellington, Auckland, Melbourne and the UK.

“We were lucky to work with Ian Taylor (Hi-tech Awards hall of fame) on our last business and we learned the importance of trust. He met a kid from Manapouri that was into making booking systems in 2001 and backed him on the spot. None of us would be here if it wasn’t for that. It’s all about focusing on the things that add value to customers like great products and service; and being comfortable rejecting things that don’t add much value like corner offices and time-sheets.”

Baker is delighted with the win. For him, it proves that they’re on to a winning formula with their unique work-life balance culture being the driving force behind their success:

“We have gone all in on work/life balance for our team because we believe Timely will be bigger and better as a result. An early stage business is insatiable and can consume everything, including itself. We’d rather have six productive hours in a day from a crew member who we’ve helped achieve a goal to climb a mountain, or see their kid’s piano recital, than ten hours from someone stressed or burning out. And so would our customers.”