Media Release, 25/10/16

Timely recognised in Top Ten Promising Early Stage Companies at the 2016 TIN100 awards

Timely has been recognized as one of the ‘Top Ten Promising Early Stage Companies’ at the 2016 TIN100 awards.

The TIN100 awards, held at Mantells on the Water in Auckland last Wednesday evening, celebrates successful New Zealand technology companies.

The ‘Top Ten Promising Early Stage Companies’ award recognises promising TIN companies that are in an early stage of the company lifestyle. These companies were selected based on the innovation of their technology and the potential market opportunity.

Timely is thrilled to be celebrated with such an esteemed award, alongside some of New Zealand’s top tech companies such as Xero and Vend.

Now in its fourth year, Timely’s cloud-based booking platform is used and loved by thousands of people in over 85 countries. Timely has made well over 30 million appointments, and climbing and has helped thousands of small business owners grow their businesses.

Timely’s operates as a fully remote workplace, with 32 staff based in Wellington, Dunedin, Auckland, the UK and South America.

“We’re honored to be recognized by TIN, and even more excited to contribute to New Zealand’s expanding tech growth,” says Timely CEO, Ryan Baker. “Timely’s success is part of the larger picture — I’ve always believed that there’s no reason why New Zealand can’t be a huge player in tech and innovation, and the TIN100 Report just confirms that. Plus, It’s always great when the hard yards the crew put in are recognized.”

The TIN100 Report is a critical reference for bench-marking the performance of New Zealand’s 200 largest globally-focused technology companies.

The annual report reveals record revenue growth of 12% over past year, contributing $9.4 billion to the New Zealand economy. This growth outlines New Zealand’s technology sector as a key driver for the country’s overall economic growth.

“In no previous year since the launch of the TIN100 Report 12 years ago, has change been so dramatic or widespread,” said TIN Managing Director, Greg Shanahan.

“This year’s data signals that an inflexion point has been passed as the industry hits critical momentum, reflecting longer term acceleration of technology growth and a significant closure of the export earnings gap between dairy and tech,” said Shanahan.