Stock management for salons & spas

Add new products, implement barcode scanning, and track inventory with comprehensive stock management.

Make the most of your retail products

Keep all your retail products in order

Add unlimited products to your Timely account and make them super easy to find by adding a photo, detailed description, and their unique barcode handle. Include a tax rate such as GST, or set up the one that suits you best.

Sell quickly, from anywhere

Sell your retail products by adding them to an invoice on their own, as part of an appointment, or together with other packages, products, and vouchers. With Timely’s iOS app for iPhone and iPad, you’ll never wait at the reception again. Create sales from anywhere inside or outside your salon with a few taps on your screen.

Follow every movement

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See your history

View the full history of stock adjustments made for every item and set up alerts when they’re getting low. Timely keeps notes on every adjustment including the date, time and staff member involved. So you have full overview of your stock movement.

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Check on your performance at a glance

View your total product sales on your main dashboard, and see them broken down by staff member on the staff overview dashboard.

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See your performance in depth

Get the sales insight you’re looking for with the Product sales report, check up on your inventory with the Stock levels report and see what products are popular with which customers with the Customer Product Sales.

Business software to monitor your retail stock

Add unlimited products to your account.

Include photos, SKU’s/Handle (barcodes), descriptions and taxes.

Sell your products on their own, along with an appointment or a package.

Add product sales on the go with Timely’s beautiful iOS app (iphone/ipad).

Process refunds, discounts and give customer credit.

Manage your stock: search for, adjust stock levels, track staff activity, and set alerts.

View your sales history with a Product Sales report.

Check up on your inventory with Stock Levels report.

See total product sales on your main dashboard.

See product sales broken down by staff member on the staff overview dashboard.

See which products are popular with customers with a Customer Product Sales report.

See the full history of stock adjustments, by date, time and staff member.

Connect hardware: till, barcode scanner, and receipt printer.

Connect to Vend and take your inventory management to the next level.

Connect to your Xero, MYOB, or Quickbooks accounting account.

Add a unique Xero account code for each of your products in Timely.



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