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The big list of Timely’s features

Appointments, reminders, resources, invoicing, reports – all the features you need to run a successful business.


  • Appointments, breaks and busy times
  • Drag and drop calendar events
  • Daily, weekly and monthly views
  • All staff, all rostered staff or one staff member views
  • Location views
  • View calendar filtered by resources
  • "Reschedule" and "Book next" options for easy appointment management
  • Calendar shading to show hours worked by staff
  • Different coloured events for different services
  • Recurring appointments and busy times
  • Multi-service appointments: add multiple services to one appointment record (no need for duplicate appointments)
  • Pencilled-in appointments
  • Indicators for appointments including "Completed", "Did not show", VIP customers, contra/alerts, notes, invoices/sales, resources
  • Print calendar to staff day sheet report
  • Jump calendar dates by day, week, month or year
  • Edit staff working hours right from the calendar
  • Appointments can be linked to an address for "on-site" visits
  • Send emails and SMS directly to customers from the calendar
  • Two-way integration with Google Calendar
  • One-way integration with Microsoft Outlook, Apple iCal or any calendaring program
  • Customise your calendar - choose slot intervals, default start time, default view, default first day of the week
  • Keyboard shortcuts for quick calendar navigation
  • Cancel bookings and specify the reason for cancellation
  • Keyboard shortcut to blur customer names and prices on the calendar
  • Sidebar to search customers and view a summary of customer's details without leaving the calendar
  • Sidebar also shows your upcoming appointments for a quick overview of what's coming up

Online bookings

  • Customers can book directly into your calendar using a universal booking button
  • Configure staff, services and times that are available for customers to book online
  • Choose whether to accept bookings instantly or accept/decline them as they come in
  • Track conversions by integrating with Google Analytics
  • Mobile optimised - works on any smart phone
  • Set up your own cancellation policy / terms and conditions for customers booking online
  • Choose what contact details to collect
  • Accept online payment of bookings
  • Allow customers to apply Timely issued gift vouchers to payment
  • Set policies for online bookings including lead time and advance booking period
  • Set up questions to ask customers
  • Allow customers to change or cancel their booking online
  • Set up your own content to appear in the online booking process


  • Create sales for appointments from the calendar (multiple appointments supported)
  • Set up invoice templates, taxes and payment types
  • Sell retail products
  • Sell gift vouchers
  • Sell packages
  • Sell credit
  • Sell walk-in services
  • Apply discounts to sales (line items, or invoice total)
  • Apply credit to sales
  • Apply Timely issued gift vouchers to sales
  • Print invoices to PDF
  • Print receipts to thermal receipt printers
  • Create a single invoice for multiple customers
  • Search invoices by date range or customer
  • Add notes and/or reference when creating invoices
  • Apply one or more payments to invoices
  • Print a list of customers with unpaid invoices
  • Assign staff members to invoices for commission tracking

Online Payments

  • Accept online payment for bookings using an online payment gateway
  • Email customers an invoice with a link to make online payment
  • Set up full payment, part payment or deferred payment policies
  • Customise payment policies by service being booked
  • Works with PayPal, Authorize.Net, Stripe and others

Customer management

  • Fully searchable database of customers - search by name, contact details, etc
  • View a summary of appointments, sales, notes and messaging history for any customer
  • Flag VIP's or repeat "no show" customers
  • Record gender, date-of-birth, timezone, referral source and occupation
  • Merge customer function
  • Send an email marketing campaign by customer segment
  • Import customers using CSV file
  • Send an email or SMS to customers without leaving Timely
  • Set up email and SMS notification and reminder rules for individual customers
  • Manage email marketing opt-in
  • Upload photos of customers
  • Print a report of appointments, notes or a transaction statement by customer
  • Record notes against customers


  • Get a free mini-website and link it to your own domain name
  • Embed a booking widget/calendar directly into your website
  • Facebook integration - customers can book an appointment straight from your Facebook page
  • Get your customers coming back with rebooking reminders
  • Send email marketing campaigns with MailChimp
  • Send SMS marketing campaigns
  • Upload your business logo and branding
  • Sell gift vouchers online with 'Buy Gift Voucher' button and widget

Reminders and notifications

  • Automated SMS and email reminders to customers and staff
  • Notify customers and staff of new bookings, or cancellations and changes to existing bookings
  • Two-way confirmation feature for customers - text "Y" to confirm
  • Send rebooking reminders to customers who haven't been in for a while
  • Follow-up your appointments with automated messages
  • Set up reminder and notification rules for individual customers
  • Get notified when a customer books online
  • Customise SMS messages using templates
  • View a log of all emails and SMS sent and received
  • Easily reply to two-way messages

Managing services, packages and products

  • Create unlimited services
  • Create unlimited products
  • Create unlimited service groups
  • Create unlimited packages to sell services in bulk to customers
  • Categorise and order services and service groups
  • Assign costs and tax rates to services, packages and products
  • Assign SKU codes to products
  • Set up padding time for services that require pre- or post- preparation
  • Set up processing time for services that require waiting times post-service -- works great with service groups

Managing staff, resources and locations

  • Create unlimited staff
  • Create unlimited administrators
  • Create unlimited locations
  • Create unlimited resources
  • Assign staff to locations
  • Assign staff to services
  • Assign resources to locations
  • Assign resources to services
  • Roster staff holidays, annual leave, etc
  • Automated daily email of appointments to staff
  • Upload photos of your staff
  • Add a bio, nickname and job title
  • Sync staff calendars to their Google Calendar, or other calendar program
  • Give each staff member or administrator their own login
  • Customise staff access to Timely per individual login
  • Archive staff that are no longer employed
  • Send staff email/SMS notifications and reminders of bookings
  • Set up fixed or "mobile" locations (i.e. vehicles for on-site visits)
  • Add a Provider Number for staff to display on invoices

Connect to add-ons

  • Integrate with Xero to sync invoices and customers
  • Integrate with Google Calendar for two-way calendar sync
  • Integrate with MailChimp for advanced customer segmentation and email campaigns
  • Integrate with Vend for the ultimate point-of-sale
  • Integrate with MYOB to sync invoices and customers
  • Integrate with QuickBooks to sync invoices and customers
  • Integrate with Google Contacts to sync your Timely customers
  • Integrate with dozens of payment gateways including PayPal, Stripe, and more
  • Add Timely to your website with our plug-ins for Squarespace, Wordpress and Wix

Dashboards and reporting

  • Business dashboard to see how your business is tracking with transactions, appointment bookings, customer retention and more
  • Staff performance dashboard to see service sales, product sales, rebooking rate and more
  • Activity dashboard to see what's coming up for the day and what bookings have been made recently
  • Business performance reports - summary of bookings including rebooking rate, time between bookings, future value and more
  • Financial reports - sales by service, staff and product
  • Appointment reports - day sheets, appointments by status and more
  • Staff reports - rostering, utilisation, services booked and more
  • Customer reports - segment customers, birthdays, date since last booking, duplicate customers and more

Works on any device, anywhere

  • Access your bookings anywhere - work, home or on-the-go
  • No special hardware to install - works on any web browser
  • Mobile app version that works from your Android phone or Windows phone
  • Native app built for iPhone and iPad devices
  • Customers can book and pay from their smartphones too

Additional configuration

  • Set up your own cancellation reasons
  • Create your own appointment statuses
  • Choose the currency, country and timezone you operate in

Security and updates

  • Secure, private and backed-up
  • High availability
  • Encrypted using bank technology
  • PCI compliant
  • We are always adding new features and making improvements to Timely!

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