Lynelle Hills Posted by Lynelle Hills, UK Country Manager

Our sales development reps have hundreds of conversations every day with businesses looking at Timely – after quickly making sure our platform will be a good fit for what they need, they get it into the hands of an Account Executive to take on the deep business value conversations.

Are you ready to take on the responsibility of articulating that value, ensuring those businesses understand how Timely can transform their business and convince these businesses of the need to switch?

You’ll quickly and naturally build rapport with these busy business owners in the beauty and wellness space, ensuring they feel supported and listened to. You’ll have a deep understanding of Timely as a business platform, one you’ll develop quickly, and have a knack for tying that product knowledge back to all the real-world value businesses can gain from adopting it.

You’ll also be part of managing our CRM (Salesforce), helping ensure our customer records are always up to date and accurate.

You’ll be an integral part of our team – not just the sales crew, but the whole company. Our marketing team work hard to bring the right people to our website and into free trials, and they’ll rely on you to feed information back on how well we’re communicating the right value to the world. You’ll develop great insight into what our potential customers might be struggling with, and will become a fountain of knowledge for our product team. You’ll make sure the right people go on to use Timely, never jamming square pegs into round holes – and our support team will high five you for it.

We’re a distributed team across the UK, New Zealand, and Australia. In the UK, we’re predominantly home-based but are likely to adopt a London office as we grow rapidly. This is not for everybody. We hire people that don’t just make this work, but who make it work awesomely so that their work and home life both benefit.

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re comfortable working with outbound leads – selling the value of Timely and committing them to purchase.
  • You’re able to work with customers on key product adoption pillars, ensuring their successful use of Timely.
  • You’re hungry to identify outbound lead opportunities, proactively contact, and develop a relationship with to supplement the lead volume from our inbound engine.
  • You have experience in a role where you own and hit monthly new revenue targets.
  • You’re an incredible communicator: you’re friendly and relaxed, and take pride in everything you produce.
  • You have a friendly, confident phone manner, and the idea of jumping on the phone to talk to people from around the world excites you.
  • You are creative in finding new leads and can engage potential customers quickly.
  • You understand people and business: you relate well to small business owners, and naturally empathise with the challenges they face every day.
  • You understand the difference between features and benefits: you can quickly apply that thinking to help businesses see the real-world value of what Timely does, and achieve the things that are most important to them.
  • You’re the most motivated person you know: you’re the Energizer bunny, getting things done, juggling and prioritising naturally where you need to. You like to think, reflect and plan, but when it’s all said and done…you’re a doer.
  • You ideally live within a commutable distance to London and have worked in a sales role for a SaaS company and used a comprehensive CRM like Salesforce.
  • You live a connected digital life: technology is your thing, and you’re comfortable using any web app that gets thrown at you.
  • You’re a positive, happy person who listens to others: you’re genuine and transparent in your interactions with people, and don’t need to leave your ego at the door because, well, you don’t have one

Other parts you need to know 

  • This role is full time
  • Head office in London
  • We’ll set you up with all the shiny new equipment you’ll need
  • Work primarily from home, but will look forward to spending time with your teammates in London regularly
  • Start date June
  • Applications close when we find the right person!

So you’ve read this far and you get it. You’ve probably already looked up our website, social accounts, and had a read through our blog. You’re excited. So are we. Apply here, go!