Israel Butson Posted by Israel Butson, Head of Sales

Timely has come a long way since its inception in  2011. We’ve grown an online community of over 46,000 beauty professionals across 90 countries that use our cloud-based business management software to book over 30 million appointments a year.  

Our customers are our sun, and our mission is to help the global hair & beauty industry become a 1 trillion dollar industry. We plan to do that by building a total salon management solution that enables our customers to thrive. 

2020 was a big year for us as we faced the uncertainty of losing our 12k customer base at the start of the pandemic. But we’ve come out the other side better than ever by ensuring that no one on the Timely team would lose their job and focusing on helping our customers survive. You can hear a little more about 2020 journey from Paul Shingles, our  COO, here. 

We’ve got our sights on some huge goals over the next few years. How are we going to get there?  He tangata, Our people.  

So, what can you expect from us? 

We lead with Inclusion and use our values to inform our decisions.  Mary Haddock-Staniland joined us in December 2020 as our Chief People Inclusion Officer. The first role of this nature in the executive level of any New Zealand organisation,  Mary’s goal is to  progress the business case for workplace inclusion, ensuring people have equal access to opportunities and resources. 

We bring our whole selves to work and celebrate the things that make us unique. We view work and life as complimentary, rather than competing priorities and  #timelylife allows us to see the benefits of working from home and the flexibility it provides. 

Our team of 100+ enjoy wellness and professional development benefits as well as a high spec home office set up. To us, people experience means creating the best possible environment for you to be your best self. 

What you’ll do

You’ll be an integral part of our team – not just the sales crew, but the whole company. Our marketing team work hard to bring the right people to our website, and they’ll rely on you to pass the baton from there to our inside sales team. You’ll develop great insight into what our potential customers might be struggling with, and will become a fountain of knowledge for our product team. You’ll make sure the right people go on to use Timely, never jamming square pegs into round holes – and our support team will high five you for it.

As the initial port of call for anyone looking at Timely you’ll create that all-important first impression and kick-start the sales process.

Our customers get a free trial for 14 days, and we have people downloading our amazing industry content every day. Every month there are thousands of people showing an interest in using Timely in their business. Before our customers are passed on to our team of Account Execs we need to first connect with them, make sure Timely will be a good fit for them, and get them excited about the potential of what our platform can do for their business.

As the first point of contact you’ll be available on phone, email, SMS, social media and our website chat to talk to anyone enquiring about Timely. You’ll understand – and care about – what they’re trying to do, and will quickly and naturally build rapport with these busy business owners in the beauty and wellness space. If someone emails asking for a call you will absolutely delight them, because they’ll barely have their hands off the keyboard before their phone rings.

You’ll also be highly dedicated to following up anyone who has shown interest in Timely (through things like starting a trial, signing up to receive some of our industry content, or downloading one of our apps) but *doesn’t* reach out to us. These businesses have expressed an interest in some aspect of Timely, and it’s up to you to get them engaged and moving forward with us.

Your key responsibilities will be:

  • Being available for incoming comms – via phone, live chat, email, SMS, and social media – from potential customers, and qualifying their fit for Timely while making sure they’re excited about what we can do for their business.
  • Providing super quick, friendly return contact via email, live chat, SMS, social media and phone.
  • Actively reaching out to the quieter potential customers to engage them.
  • Sitting underneath these things, you will always be striving to secure some of their precious time for an online demo with one of our Account Execs.
  • Qualifying, scoring and assigning leads.
  • Managing our CRM (Salesforce), maintaining detailed, accurate notes.
  • Adopting all best practices, tools and techniques defined by our Sales Enablement Manager.
  • Other stuff that you decide is important and will be awesome (truly – your opinion will be valued and encouraged here).


We are looking for someone who can demonstrate the following:

  • Self assurance & resilience: You learn quickly when facing new problems; you’re open to change; you analyse both success and failure for clues to improvement; you experiment and will try anything to find better solutions; you enjoy the challenge of unfamiliar tasks; you quickly grasp the essence and goal of a plan that’s been made. You bounce back quickly after setbacks.
  • Rapport building: You can build trust quickly with customers over the phone – your phone manner is friendly and confident, and it’s a place you genuinely enjoy spending time.
  • Great communication: You practice attentive and active listening; you have the patience to hear people out; you can accurately restate the opinions of others even when you disagree. You’re friendly and relaxed, and take pride in everything you produce . You fuss over details, and lazy grammar and typos bug you.
  • Team player: You can quickly find common ground and solve problems for the good of all; you can represent your own interests and yet be fair to other groups; you can solve problems with peers with a minimum of noise; you are seen as a team player and are cooperative; you easily gain the trust and support of your peers; you encourage collaboration; you can be candid with peers.


  • Work from home – while our sales team are largely hanging together at the office, if you need to work from home then go for it.
  • We provide a kick-ass development machine, a health & wellbeing budget as well as a fully funded professional development plan which you can use for extra training, conferences, workshops, etc.
  • This is a permanent, full time position
  • Applications close when we find the right person

People join us because they want to belong to a company that walks the walk and actually puts their people first. Sound good to you? Don’t wait any longer…click ‘Apply’ and we can chat!