Our Content Crafter role isn’t for the faint-hearted. You’ll produce exceptional content that will engage, inspire and educate small business owners around the world. You’ll also spearhead and maintain our Social Media platforms. We are a start-up and are growing fast so this is a varied role with the opportunity for you to wear a bunch of hats.

On any given day you could be producing website and landing pages, blog posts, case studies, videos, interviews, newsletters, graphics or advertisements.

You must be somewhat of a pedant, be detail oriented and have a penchant for perfection. Agonising over copy is seen as a big strength. You will be able to create copy that is SEO perfect, will help boost our Google rankings and will delight and excite our customer base.

We are a tech-based business, so you’re probably a bit nerdy, like us and have a completely connected life; tweeting, posting, pinning, poking and lol’ing. You’ll be comfortable checking in online on your laptop, phone and tablet, wherever you are. You’re totally app savvy and are able to switch between various tools of trade to get your job done. Most of all, you’re happy when you’re super busy! Our perfect Content Crafter is a true rare find, we set the bar very high. You’ll need to manage multiple projects at once and produce exceptional quality content regularly in very short time frames.

You’ll understand social and get that community is at the heart of any successful business. We’ll need you to know social media inside out and back to front as this will be a major focus of your role. Building and growing our online community will be one of your main targets, so detailed knowledge and experience in SM that goes beyond cat memes is paramount to your, and our success.

You’ll be at peace with the fact that SEO are not just letters, but are the pathway to search engine nirvana and understand how to leverage keywords and content to get the best bang for our buck.

We’re looking for someone who is passionate about start-ups, SaaS, emerging technologies and small business. You’ll have a large portfolio of work that’ll show your diversity and your love of what you do.

We are a distributed team who all work from home. We hire people that don’t just make this work, but who make it work totally awesomely, so that their work and home life both benefit greatly.

We’ll need you to love being self- driven and have a healthy discomfort for the mediocre. You’ll be expected to bring ideas and opinions to the table from day one. So buckle in! This is one hellova ride!

We are moving fast and we want the best in industry by our side. Exciting things are afoot and you’ll be ready to grow with a company that’s set to be a major player on the world stage.

We could list the things you’ll be doing day to day, but if you’re still reading we figure you “get it”. Most importantly for us, you’ll fit right into the culture of Timely. You’ll be clever, switched on, hold a great deal of empathy and be an exceptional communicator.

You will most likely possess some of these too, which would also be ace :)

  • Content writing – extensive experience and a diverse portfolio
  • A degree, life experience, a story to tell
  • Experience in a SaaS company
  • Experience in a startup and/or tech company
  • A strong empathy and affinity with small business owners (Health and Beauty sector in particular)
  • Loads of social media experience- planning, strategy, execution
  • SEO – deep understanding and experience
  • Experience using Hubspot
  • A kick ass attitude and sneakers to match

Are you excited? That’s ace! So are we! Go! 

Send us your CV along with a cover letter explaining why you’re totally the best person ever for this role and how you would fit into our culture perfectly…. also please send plenty of samples or links to your writing. Email your application to [email protected]

About the role:

  • This role is full time, permanent
  • NZ permanent residents only
  • Dunedin, NZ based (we work remote but love a good catch up in person, however, if you’re the right person, you could be from anywhere!)  
  • Applications close when we find the right peep!