Israel Butson Posted by Israel Butson, Head of Sales

Timely has come a long way since its inception in 2011. We’ve grown an online community of over 46,000 beauty professionals across 90 countries that use our cloud-based business management software to book over 30 million appointments a year.

Our customers are our sun, and our mission is to help the global hair & beauty industry become a 1 trillion dollar industry. We plan to do that by building a total salon management solution that enables our customers to thrive.

2020 was a big year for us as we faced the uncertainty of losing our 12k customer base at the start of the pandemic. But we’ve come out the other side better than ever by ensuring that no one on the Timely team would lose their job and focusing on helping our customers survive. You can hear a little more about 2020 journey from Paul Shingles, our COO, here.

We’ve got our sights on some huge goals over the next few years. How are we going to get there? He tangata, Our people.

So, what can you expect from us?

We lead with Inclusion and use our values to inform our decisions. Mary Haddock-Staniland joined us in December 2020 as our Chief People Inclusion Officer. The first role of this nature in the executive level of any New Zealand organisation, Mary’s goal is to progress the business case for workplace inclusion, ensuring people have equal access to opportunities and resources.

We bring our whole selves to work and celebrate the things that make us unique. We view work and life as complimentary, rather than competing priorities and #timelylife allows us to see the benefits of working from home and the flexibility it provides.

Our team of 100+ enjoy wellness and professional development benefits as well as a high spec home office set up. To us, people experience means creating the best possible environment for you to be your best self.

What you’ll do

Our Account Execs look after every business our Sales Development Reps qualify as being a great fit for Timely – they provide demos of the platform, communicate the amazing impact Timely can have for a beauty and wellness business, and get them started on a paid subscription.

Our inbound sales development reps have hundreds of conversations every week with businesses looking at Timely. After efficiently making sure our platform will be a good fit for what they need, they get it into the hands of an Account Executive to take on the deep business value conversations.

Are you ready to take on the responsibility of delivering that value, ensuring those businesses successfully start their paid subscription with Timely?

Summary of the role:

  • Work with inbound leads selling the value of Timely.
  • Run engaging 1:1 Zoom demos tailored to the goals of each individual business you’re working with.
  • Maintain a caring, consistent follow-up process on every opportunity you own – via demos, calls, text messages, emails, and social media.
  • Maintain engaging, fast response times to inbound queries from your opportunities, leveraging each conversation to progress the sales process.
  • Work with customers on key product adoption pillars throughout your sales process, ensuring their successful use of Timely.
  • Maintain highly accurate data across Salesforce and Zendesk, ensuring records are always up to date.
  • Maintain a consistent handover process with our Success team.
  • Adopt all best practices, tools and techniques defined by our Sales Enablement Manager.
  • Stay across (and involved in) our many Slack channels so that you’re always up to date on our positioning, the market landscape, and our product releases.
  • Foster a positive, supportive relationship between the AE and SDR roles, and within the team in general.
  • Contribute regularly to our team catchups (including a monthly global-sales catchup that will be outside AU working hours), bringing themes and updates from your demos and discussions and adding value to these conversations wherever you can.
  • Attend all product update  and demo meetings, ensuring you’re always ahead of releases so you can help prepare the value framing for them.

Who you are

You’ll quickly and naturally build rapport with these busy business owners in the beauty and wellness space, ensuring they feel supported and listened to. You’ll have a deep understanding of Timely as a business platform, one you’ll develop quickly, and have a knack for tying that product knowledge back to all the real-world value businesses can gain from adopting it.

You’ll also be part of managing our CRM (Salesforce), helping ensure our customer records are always up to date and accurate.

You’ll be an integral part of our team – not just the sales crew, but the whole company. Our marketing team work hard to bring the right people to our website and into free trials, and they’ll rely on you to feed information back on how well we’re communicating the right value to the world. You’ll develop great insight into what our potential customers might be struggling with, and will become a fountain of knowledge for our product team. You’ll make sure the right people go on to use Timely, never jamming square pegs into round holes – and our success team will high five you for it.


  • You’re an incredible communicator, both written and spoken.
  • You understand people and business: you relate well to small business owners, and naturally empathise with the challenges they face every day.
  • You understand the difference between features, benefits, and real-world business impact: you can quickly apply that thinking to help businesses see the day to day value of what Timely does, and achieve the things that are most important to them.
  • You’re a doer: there’s a lot to do, and you get stuck in relentlessly.
  • You’re target-oriented, and have a healthy balance of competitiveness with and support for your teammates.
  • You live in Melbourne and have worked in a sales role for a SaaS company and used a comprehensive CRM like Salesforce.
  • You live a connected digital life: technology is your thing, and you’re comfortable using any web app that gets thrown at you.
  • You’re a positive, happy person who listens to others: you’re genuine and transparent in your interactions with people, and don’t need to leave your ego at the door because, well, you don’t have one. You’re not a complainer. Instead, you look for solutions.


  • We’ll provide you with a great professional development budget to fuel your growth
  • Our annual wellness allowance helps to fund things that support your wellbeing
  • This role is full time, permanent
  • Salary + commission (let’s talk)
  • We’ll set up up with all the shiny new equipment you’ll need
  • Work between our office and your home
  • Start date ASAP

So you’ve read this far and you get it. You’ve probably already looked up our website, Facebook and Instagram accounts, and had a read through our blog. You’re excited. So are we. Apply Now!