Manage your business (like a Boss)

Timely helps manage your business from day-to-day with options for staff, services and locations. Timely's Dashboard gives an instant overview of how your business is tracking, while Reports show you what's really happening in the business.

Organise your business

  • Staff Rosters and Access
  • Locations and Services
  • Business Overview
  • Detailed Reports

Timely's Dashboard gives you and overview of your business at a glance.

Help your staff perform

Keep your team on track

  • Automatically email staff a list of bookings at the start of each day
  • Send staff an SMS or email when bookings are added or changed
  • Sync bookings in Timely with your staff’s personal calendar apps


Everything your staff do in Timely is saved in the Activity Log; emails and SMS, bookings and sales.

You control Staff Access to features and information in Timely. Easily set restrictions for each staff member for things like staff calendars, prices, customer contact details and financial reporting.

The Basics

Only bookable staff count towards the number of people using your Timely account. Account admins (e.g. receptionists) use Timely for free.

In Timely you'll manage working hours, vacations and sick leave, and assign staff to specific services or locations.

Get your team laser-focused

The Staff Dashboard shows each team member’s service and product sales, rebookings and average booking value.

Everyone on the team will know precisely how they measure up, and where to put their energy to improve performance.

The Staff Dashboard shows your staff's performance and helps them to improve.

Know your numbers, exactly

Executive Summary

The Executive Summary report shows a summary of your appointments and sales grouped by staff member and location.

Performance & Financial

Focus on key numbers like Rebooking Rate, Time Between Bookings and more. View a rich array of financial data including sales by service, staff and products.

Timely's Executive Summary Report shows your appointments and sales grouped by staff member and location.

“Timely is the central nervous system of our business. It helps us maximise our day and maximise our profitability.” Nicky Shore from OFF Wax Nicky Shore, OFF Wax