In February we released our Packages feature, and today we’re excited to announce that packages can now be created and redeemed for classes!

We’ve added another feature, classes to packages!

Class packages work the same way as regular service packages, with the added ability to redeem for specific customers attending a class. It’s an ideal solution for busy personal trainers and other fitness businesses – bundle up your classes and redeem them each time a customer attends! Easy!

Creating a class package

Creating a class package is easy, just head to Setup > Packages to get started. Fill out all the usual package information, and then switch to the ‘Specific class‘ tab when selecting the Package items.

Here you’ll see a drop-down list of your classes. Select the one you’re creating a package for, and click ‘Add class‘. Once the class has been added, you can set the number of visits in the package.


Hit Save, and you’re done!

Selling a package to a customer

Once your package has been created, you can issue it to a customer as normal. You can also issue a package to a customer from their Customer record.


Redeeming a class package

Now for the exciting part! To redeem a class package, click on the class from the calendar and go to the Attendance tab.

Here you’ll see a list of customers enrolled for that class. To redeem a package, click ‘Attended‘. This will bring up the package redemption check box for you too apply to the specific class. Check the box and click ‘Apply‘.


Once the package has been redeemed for the class, the Packages icon will appear next to the customer name on both the Attendance and Customers tabs. This makes it easy when it comes time to raise invoices for the class.


Tracking redemptions of class packages

Tracking the redemptions of your class packages is easy! It’s exactly the same as service-based packages, with all the same reporting functionality.

Check out this help guide to see what’s available.

Let us know what you think!

You’ve been telling us for a while that this was an important feature for you, so we know you’re going to love it! Let us know what you think in the comments below.