We’re super pleased to welcome our new Customer Support Specialist, Stephanie Dickinson-Cole.

Welcome to the team, Steph!

Trained as a school teacher, supporting and caring for others comes naturally to Steph.

Steph fancies herself a bit of a detective when it comes to getting to the core of people’s needs.

“I’ve worked in a variety of roles. In all contexts and capacities, I’ve enjoyed supporting people from all walks of life.”

Steph is passionate about the arts, making music in a band called Hot Wizard, drawing, painting, and dabbling in some camerawork in her spare time. An avid film and television buff, Steph can be found watching reruns of Friends, Freaks and Geeks, Napoleon Dynamite, and Pretty in Pink!

Welcome to the team, Steph!

Steph moved to Dunedin from Auckland earlier this year with her husband Strahan, who is also a Timely-bod.

If you’re lucky, Steph may soon be dropping you a line if you have any Timely questions!

Welcome to the Timely Team, Steph. You couldn’t be a more perfect fit.