We've hired not one but two new team members to help our customers get the most out of Timely. I'm super proud to announce our new Customer Support person, Strahan Cole.

Welcome to the team, Strahan!

Strahan (pronounced Strarn) honed his SaaS support skills working for our friends at Vend (you might even use Vend!) and is already immersed in the intricacies of our various integrations. It’s possible he’s already answered a few of your questions!

Strahan started at Timely two days after relocating from Auckland to Dunedin, where most of the Support team are based. He’s taken these big changes in his stride and brings this same sense of calmness to working through support emails.

Strahan is passionate about the arts; he’s a freelance musician and filmmaker and has a Bachelor of Music and a Diploma in Documentary Directing to his name. He also runs a podcast, interviewing professionals in film, music and video games.

Welcome to the team, Strahan. We’re excited to hit you up for all your movie and music recommendations!