Last week we welcomed Marlia Morris to the team (alongside Sam Barton), who has joined our customer onboarding unit to help us provide fast, friendly, knowledgeable help while businesses set up their trial and get rolling with Timely.

Welcome to the team, Marlia!

Marlia was previously at the University of Otago helping with administration and web content for the Business School. Before that she spent a couple of years in the north of Scotland doing similar things at the Glenmore Lodge (as well as obviously exploring what looks like one of the most beautiful places on the planet! Very jealous over here).

Before that, Marlia was in London helping with the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. She’s gotten some pretty cool travel and work experiences under her belt in those few years, and we’re excited to have someone with such an adventurous spirit joining us.

I’ve been lucky to never have a job I haven’t enjoyed, but I’m so excited to be moving from typical working environments to a local startup made up of such a creative and forward-thinking team. I love the #timelylife approach and I’m excited to grow with Timely!

Outside of Timely, Marlia’s all about spending time with family and friends, and has taken on the awesome task of personally renovating her family home.

We’re excited to have you with us, Marlia –welcome to the team!