Providing fast and friendly support to our customers is an essential trait of Timely. To ensure we keep doing this, we have two new support specialists joining the close-knit Support team. We're so pleased to welcome Danni Gunn to the team!

Welcome to the team, Danni!

Danni Gunn is one of our new Support superstars. She helped Vodafone customers in a previous life and loves working with people — meaning that helping Timely customers is a perfect fit for her! She’s hit the ground running, and might have already helped a few of you out of a jam.

When she’s not learning everything she needs to know about the Timely app, she is very family focused and loves spending time with her daughter. Danni’s excited about being able to see more of her daughter, now that she’s on #timelylife.

I’m so excited to be joining a company with such a people-focused ethos, both team and customer. I am also super proud to say it all started in my hometown, Dunedin.

We love being here for our customers. Helping you save time by solving your problems quickly or giving you a wee nudge in the right direction brings the Support team immense joy. As more and more people keep signing up to Timely, we want to make sure we’re ready and waiting to answer your questions.

We’re very lucky to have Danni, and we think you’ll like her too!