At Timely, our customers are our sun. We revolve around them in everything we do, and nowhere does that show clearer than in our Customer Support team.

Welcome to the Team, Alison!

Coming from NZ tech giant Trade Me with 6+ years of customer support experience, Alison is a seasoned customer support specialist. Hiring her means Timely will be able to maintain an excellent level of customer service as our customer base grows.

Making life easier for our customers is what Alison enjoys about her support role.

“Customer Support is something I’m passionate about. I like helping people, and solving problems. If there’s an out-of-the box solution that makes someone’s day, that’s my favourite outcome.”

Almost equal to her love of customer support, is her love of cats. Her and her partner live with four cats in their home, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty of pictures of them in ‘the-cattery’, our Slack channel dedicated to feline friendships.

Alison was drawn to Timely because of our company culture and values, and is enthusiastic to be joining the team.

“I like the way Timely does what they do. You can tell they really care about their customers and staff and I’m excited to be part of that!”