Thousands of businesses have made the switch to Timely, and the team that helps you get your booking software set up has just welcomed another member to their ranks.

Welcome Maddy

The Onboarding team, which helps you get set up with Timely, has been working diligently to make it easy for salon owners, massage therapists, fitness professionals, and many others get their new software running smoothly. Our customers love them for it.

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That’s why all of us here at Timely are stoked to welcome Madison Stumbles to the Timely crew.

Madison has just finished her studies at the University of Otago, with a Bachelor of Commerce and Diploma in Language (Spanish). Maddy is a Dunedin local, as her family is from the area, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy traveling.

When she’s looking for something exciting to do, Barcelona is her go to place, or when it comes to relaxing on a warm beach with a cold drink, Ubud in Bali is her destination of choice. We’re certain that you all will love her academic knowledge and youthful vigour.

Maddy will be joining IsraelKeegan, Erin, and John, making up the Onboarding team. These five fine people will answer your questions and help you get the most out of Timely while you’re getting started.

Say hello to Maddy by signing up to Timely today! They’d love to answer any questions you have.