A couple of weeks back a delightful young man by the name of Liam Bigelow joined the Timely crew. He's a Developer Designer working in the Marketing team to add whoosh and sizzle to Timely's marketing website. Check out his sweet farmer's tan:

So there’s this new guy, Liam

Liam recently completed a Computer Science degree with a minor in Design. Despite being light on years, he is a heavyweight when it comes to making cunning things go fast on the internet.

I asked Liam what he enjoys about coding. With typical brevity, Liam replied:

Problem solving.

Imagine a human sponge soaking in a code jacuzzi, sipping a code-based cocktail. That’s our Liam and the way he casually picks up new things.

In comparison my old man brain is the tired leftover peanut at the bottom of the bag. Very sad! And this also explains why we’re so happy to have hired our new friend.

You see, Liam has a super important job to do. We firmly believe Timely offers the best appointment system in the world. And, if we get the word out, we’ll be able to help many more thousands of people. With Liam’s help building a slicker, speedier website — we’ll do just that.

Liam has lived in Dunedin’s glamorous North East Valley for many years. In his free time he is a bass aficionado and produces “Trap” parties with his friends. Liam would like to remind you that no matter how bored or excited you become on the dance floor, it is poor form to request tunes from the DJ. Sound advice!

Welcome aboard the good ship Timely, Liam. Toot toot.