With 20 years of IT experience, Ben Chartrand is a very welcome addition to the Timely dev team.

Welcome to the Team, Ben!

Previously the CTO at Takeflite Solutions, Ben joins Timely in 2018 after watching us grow over the last 5 years.

“I’ve known about Timely for a long time – since shortly after it was founded. I watched it grow, was impressed by what I saw over time, and really liked the culture.”

Ben moved from development into management several years ago, but was keen to get back into a pure development role. He missed being hands-on, and the lure of #timelylife was too much to resist.

“I heard a lot of great things from other people in the industry, about the folks at Timely. I was keen to work with the best.”

Aside from spending time with his family, Ben loves to learn. His primary interests are science, history, and technology. He enjoys hacking around on side projects in his spare time, learning new technology, or working on hardware/electronics projects. One of his main passions is helping to teach children (and adults/teachers) about technology. He’s a Code Club volunteer and looks forward to getting other members of his new team involved.

Originally from Canada, Ben travelled the world before settling in New Zealand. He’s visited places that most people wouldn’t consider as a vacation destination. He’s seen the hulking remnants of WWII ships beached on the Solomon Islands, the highlands of Papua New Guinea, and Alaska in the middle of winter.

We’re thrilled to have someone like Ben join our growing development team, and are excited about what his wealth of experience will bring to the Timely product suite.

Feel free to say hi to Ben on Twitter.