With over 30 years experience between them, Sally and Sonya Clark are experts in their field. The sisters have perfected the suburban salon, offering top-quality hairdressing that rivals any inner-city salon. Meet our latest Customer of the Week: Verge Hairdressing. 

Customer of the Week: Verge Hairdressing

The suburban salon

Sally and Sonya are certainly not new to the salon industry. Sally began studying hairdressing at 15, knowing early that this was her desired career path. In 1991, she opened her first salon, Sally Jane’s Hair Shoppe, and employed her younger sister Sonya as an apprentice.

After 14 years, the sisters decided it was time to expand beyond Sally Jane’s. Growing up in Musselburgh, and already having built an extensive client list there, they knew this was their perfect location.

Verge opened its doors, across the road, in 2002 and has had a full calendar since.

The sisters believe that keeping the salon in the suburbs was hugely beneficial.

Clients get the best of both worlds at Verge. They’re treated to a high-end service, yet it’s fuss-free.


Being longstanding locals of Musselburgh, Sally and Sonya have watched their clients, and their families, grow. “Some of our clients have been with us for 30 years,” says Sally.

We’ve watched them grow. We’ve done their wedding hair and their children’s first cut.

The Clark sisters have different strengths and have taken on different roles within the business. Sally is admin queen, and organises the look and feel of the salon’s interior, whereas Sonya deals more directly with staff training. Being sisters and business partners means they can support, and feed off one another.

The pair both take on unique cutting and colouring styles. Alongside their team of 7, they can cater to all tastes and markets. They work hard to hire diversely, too, so they’re able to cover all the different offerings their clients might want.

Training is a valuable part of their business plan.

Sally and Sonya love taking on salon apprentices and sharing their knowledge. They believe that hiring young, apprentice staff is vital for business growth.

The young ones bring creativity, change and flare. They keep us experienced hairdressers on our toes.

Sonya loves that as a teacher of apprentices, you’re constantly learning. “You never know it all — ever. And working with young people reminds you of that.”


Their edge

Using Timely has helped the team at Verge offer exceptional customer service.

With Timely, staff can be prepared for upcoming clients. They’re able to look at their calendars and see who they have booked in the next day, meaning staff can prepare, crafting new ideas to bring to the cutting table.

If you don’t offer people options or change, they get bored. And that’s when people move on.

Your vibe attracts your tribe

At Verge, staff are happy — and so are their customers. Sally and Sonya are passionate about their staff! They carefully select their stylists, with many of the staff having a long-term commitment to Verge. They value and respect their team, but most of all, they have a great work team environment.

“You spend so much time at work. So if you’re unhappy, then what’s the point?”

Opening Verge has been a journey for the sisters. As proud locals, they have been an immense part of the Musselburgh community for decades.

Verge Hairdressing is a fully-formed, supportive community — and one that we cannot see slowing down anytime soon.