We love to support our customers in any way we can, and our Facebook community group is the place where you can let us know what you need help with. We recently polled the group, and the resounding answer was “I want to increase my client spend”. Your wish is our command! In this TimelyFit, Jessica Crane will teach you how to increase your average client spend by leveraging a powerful client journey 🤩

With over 20 years of industry experience, Jessica has helped hundreds of salon owners achieve their personal and professional goals using her signature Systemise for Success Coaching Programme. Starting at just 12 years old as a Saturday girl, Jessica worked her way up to managing multiple award winning salons, and it doesn’t end there. She worked as an educator and assessor for a top private training provider, holds a degree in consulting, and has spoken on multiple global stages for well known industry brands. There’s not a lot this power woman doesn’t do!

The client journey explained

Your client’s journey with you often starts before they even step into your salon, with every piece of communication or exposure to your business. As a regular client it could start with an easy online booking, and a personalised appointment confirmation SMS. For prospective clients, it might start when they’re in their pajamas, holding a glass of wine and casually scrolling their Instagram, when they happen to stumble across your business! The journey continues in your salon; how they’re greeted, your consultation process, little treats like a tea or coffee, how the service goes, and the payment experience. Then after they leave with follow-up messages or a rebooking reminder! The little touches are everything 💕

Diagram of an example customer journey

Where Your client journey should begin

Jessica believes in creating a digital journey first, and we totally agree!

“We call it our ‘client journey funnel’. Before they’ve even entered the salon, we’ve made them aware of how they can upgrade or enhance their appointment with our other services, using online marketing.” Jessica Crane

This not only makes for a better experience for your clients; you’re able to serve people at a much higher level, positioning your business in a different league to anyone else. Selling is serving!  Selling is all about identifying your clients’ needs and problems and presenting a solution – which might be one of your products or services – and if you’re not ready to serve them on a higher level, someone else will be!

Tip: Think outside the box. Could you partner with any local businesses that compliment your services and create special packages for your clients?


The best time to upsell a service

Before the appointment
A great way to upsell is on social media with a promotion, or when they’re booking online, by making them aware of complementary treatments to their goals.

“My favourite upgrade method is to upsell additional services when the client is booking.” Jessica Crane

During the appointment
If there’s time in the appointment for an upgrade – like a hair treatment or extra 15 minutes on their massage – ask them if they’d like to add it on to their service to help improve their results!

After the appointment
You can also upsell at checkout with offers like salon memberships or maintenance packages.

“Memberships are a great way to create baseline revenue and never have to start your month at £0. Some of my clients have all the bills paid with their memberships on the 1st of the month and so everything thereafter is profit.” Jessica Crane

Great sales people answer their clients’ prayers

By getting to know your clients well and asking them about their health goals, appearance goals and what makes them feel conscious or confident, you’ll get a better understanding of how you can really help them.

By creating long term goals and plans with your clients, you’ll build a long lasting relationship because you know them on a deep level and you’re working towards something together – they’ll never want to leave you or your business 🥰

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