The NZ Hi-Tech Awards celebrate New Zealand’s most successful high-tech companies and highest achieving individuals. Guess what? We won!

Timely Wins Hi-Tech Emerging Company of the Year Award

At the Hi-Tech Awards this year, Timely entered and won the Coretex Hi-Tech Emerging Company of the Year category. We were so chuffed to be competing against amazing companies like Figured, Harmoney, Link Engine Management, and Silverstripe. The caliber of the competition is a compliment on its own.

Of course, Ryan (our CEO) was pretty stoked with the win. He’s been in the finals judging process for the Hi-Tech Awards nine times (five with Timely!).

“These things don’t get handed out for participation. The companies are amazing and it’s bloody hard to win, which makes it even more rewarding.”

It’s all about balance

For Ryan, it proves that we’re on to a winning formula. The unique work-life blend at Timely is something that keeps drawing amazing people to work for us, and Ryan believes it’s the driving force behind our success. “We have gone all in on work/life balance for our team because we believe Timely will be bigger and better as a result,” he says. “An early stage business is insatiable and can consume everything, including itself.”

“We’d rather have six productive hours in a day from a crew member who we’ve helped achieve a goal to climb a mountain, or see their kid’s piano recital, than ten hours from someone stressed or burning out… and so would our customers.”

This Hi-Tech Awards win proves that commercial success and personal well-being can be complementary, rather than competing, priorities. We’re working to make our product the best it can be, while making our lives the best they can be. Ryan believes that there’s a sweet spot where both work and personal life reach ideal levels and begin to drive one another.

Hi-Tech Awards Winner

Credit where it’s due

We’ve worked hard to be a successful company, and winning an award like Hi-Tech is a wonderful validation.

The only reason we’re still in business however, is because our awesome customers keep using us, recommending us, and sending us suggestions, feedback, love, and support. It’s a beautiful thing when business owners can keep doing what they love without getting bogged down with admin, and this awards win shows that we’re not the only ones that think so!

A big thank you to the NZ Hi-Tech Trust, the judging panel, the whole Timely team, and to our fantastic customers. See you next year, Hi-Tech ;)