iPad users, have we got a treat for you: a brand-new, beautifully smooth integration! And it's not even Christmas yet.

New Timely/Vend integration for iPad

We’ve been talking about it an awful lot, but we don’t seem to get tired of it – our new native iOS app is pretty sweet. And it’s even sweeter now that it integrates with Vend‘s native iOS app!

That’s right. If you use Vend and Timely on your iPad, you can now take payment in two taps of a button. Take a look:

Raising a Timely sale in Vend


What does this mean for me?

This means ringing up a sale in Vend is twice as easy, and takes half as long. It’s also a much nicer experience, as the Vend and Timely apps are “native apps” which means they have been optimised to work beautifully together on the iPad.

It’s all part of our (not-so-secret) mission to save you time and streamline your business. And yes, this does mean you’ll be losing out on that slightly awkward period at the front desk while you and your client wait for the sale to be wrapped up, but we hope you’ll forgive us for taking that away from you.

Why is this only for iPad users?

For now, Vend isn’t on available on iPhones. And for those who don’t use iOS, the Timely web app does integrate with Vend already. This new integration just means that the two apps will talk to each other nicely. Before now it hasn’t been very easy to use the Timely/Vend integration on iPad, so this will be a huge relief (and time-saver) for those of you who do use both.

What’s Vend?

Vend’s pretty wonderful, and we’re not just saying that because we like them. They make retail POS software, and a ton of businesses (over 18,000) find them incredibly helpful for managing stock, selling online, and taking payments.

I have an iPad, but not Timely. Should I get Timely?

If your business runs on appointments, then yes, we highly recommend you check us out. Timely streamlines your appointments, organises your day, and handles admin like client details and reminders, staff rosters, invoicing and reporting for you.

Plus, we integrate with other great software like Xero and MailChimp.

How do I start using it?

Just make sure you have our new iOS app and Vend’s Register app installed on the same iPad. Log into the Vend account you have set up with your Timely account and you’re all set! From now you’ll see the “take payment in Vend” option (if you haven’t taken it already) when you tap on an appointment. If this isn’t appearing just make sure you don’t have any Timely updates to install from the App Store!

What other cool stuff is happening that I should know about?

Oh gosh, that’s a tough one. If you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter, or signed up for our updates, you’re probably up to speed. But just in case you’re not, you can check out our recent feature announcements here, or you can go take a peek at our changelog to see all the fixes, updates and enhancements we’ve been working on.