In this Timely Talks we chat with beauty, hair and business experts: Jessica Crane, Haylee Benton, Adam Chatterley, Gareth Bromell, and Timely CEO Ryan Baker about how the UK beauty industry can now grow from £28b to £50b and what is needed to drive this growth.

We were humbled to be joined by some of the biggest names in beauty from the UK and Ireland. We thank you for sharing your time, support and advice to the industry we love so much. 


  • Ryan Baker – Co-founder and CEO of Timely. 
  • Haylee Benton – CEO & Managing Director of Alchemy & I, Cecily Day Spa, Koha Skin Clinics.
  • Gareth Bromell – Celebrity session hair stylist, global brand ambassador for EVO Haircare, Co-founder of HENSHĪN, and soon-to-be-launched H by Gareth Bromell at Harvey Nichols.
  • Adam Chatterley Beauty Industry Business Success Coach & Course Creator, and Chairman of The UK Spa Association.
  • Jessica Crane – International business coach, helping salon owners across the globe increase profit and reach the next level in their business.

This conversation was hosted by Lu Korth social media guru at Timely. Lu is the presenter of Timely’s Bootcamp; a weekly live series hosted on Facebook, designed to help Timely customers grow their understanding of our software platform. She also regularly hosts Instagram Live chats with key industry leaders from around the world.