Welcome to another update! We’re super excited to let you know that these features will be rolling out any day now; helping you save time and grow your business.

Timely Roadmap – Here’s What’s Just Around the Corner

Spend more time with your client & less on your business with these improvements:

Order all your stock in Timely

We’re about to release the quickest and easiest stock ordering system available. First up is the ability to generate and email orders to your suppliers with a single click of a button. Then not long after you can sit, back and relax and let us do it all. If you choose, we can order automatically when your stock levels are low!

Store all your clients’ documents in Timely

Soon you can keep all your client soap notes, consultations and treatment records in one place, helping you to stay organised and on top of your client’s information. We’ve released this on our iOS app last month – and we’re busy making this available on your desktop.

Know what’s happening to your cash

Knowing how much cash is in your business is critical, so we ’ve been beavering away making constant improvements to deliver the best and most seamless cash management experience. We’ve just released the ability to bank your daily cash giving you clear insight into how much is being spent each day – those daily coffees can all add up.

This week we’ll be releasing the Cash Up Summary report. This report shows a summary of your cash up figures over time, including discrepancies and banked amounts. You’ll be able to spot trends to help you get a better handle on your finances.

With those time saving tools above – you’ll have more time to spend on the floor – so let’s talk clients.

Attract new clients with Afterpay

Thanks to the hundreds of customers who already are in the process of signing up to Afterpay – you won’t regret it! With 2.3 million clients regularly using Afterpay, you’ll find new clients will book in just because you offer this service. This will be ready for you in a few weeks time.

Find out more here.

Attract new clients from Instagram

We’re adding the ability to capture new clients the minute they’re inspired from your Instagram post. Soon you’ll be able to add an Instagram booking button to your profile, allowing clients to book directly from your Instagram account. If you’ve got an Instagram account then make sure you’ve given us your business profile – so that you’re good to go once we’re live.

Let’s recap on what’s happened since our last roadmap blog:

Along with these have been a raft of smaller enhancements and improvements to help make using Timely a great experience for you and your clients.