At Timely, supporting our customers is a top priority, especially during these unprecedented times. Our UK friends have gone back into lockdown once again and are in need of a bit more love and support, so we’re offering them a financial relief package to help take some of the pressure off, and we’re calling on other industry suppliers to step up too.

Timely Relief for our UK Hair and Beauty friends

We’re proud of the support we’ve been able to give our UK customers, providing over £370,000 to more than 15,000 businesses during Covid lockdown, and now we’ve extended this relief in the UK and Ireland for a further 3 months while salons are unable to trade. On top of the relief for our existing customers, we’re also giving access to Timely away for free to businesses currently using pen and paper or on other systems for the remainder of lockdown.

Whilst we can do our part to help, our fearless leader, Timely co-founder, and CEO Ryan Baker believes the industry can do more to support businesses.

“Right now, the beauty industry is in crisis as a result of COVID-19 and the necessary lockdowns. I’m calling on all beauty industry suppliers to do more to support our industry in the form of financial relief.” – Ryan Baker

Don’t just take our word for it. Data from The National Hair & Beauty Federation shows the severe impact of lockdown on the beauty services sector in the UK. 62% of salon owners are not sure their business would survive until the end of the financial year in April 2021, with almost a third of that number (18%) certain they’d have to close. Not only that, Mental Health UK said that one third (32.66%) of UK adults say they are worrying about their finances, such as bill payments and debt.

A close friend of Timely, British Beauty Council CEO Millie Kendall,  knows first hand how hard it is for UK beauty businesses right now.

“Timely has supported the UK beauty industry throughout the pandemic, and their contribution and partnership with the British Beauty Council will help our industry get back on its feet faster when we’re able to reopen.” – Mille Kendell, Beauty Council CEO

We’re also big on emotional and mental wellbeing here at Timely, so late last year we became a proud partner of the Help Hub, a not-for-profit organisation established to offer free emotional support services to people across the UK. 

Using Timely, people can book a free 20 minute appointment with a trained therapist through the Help Hub; which was also the recipient of ITV’s Good Morning Britain Frontline Hero Award!

“Through Timely we’re able to connect a high volume of people with the support they need – without having to worry about the technology, and that’s simply incredible to us.” – Ruth Chaloner, Help Hub founder 

We’ve also created 6 weeks of Wellness to help support businesses further during lockdown, with fresh giveaways, wellness content, helpful resources, and live chats with our industry friends and partners every week!  

“It’s not just financial distress that’s impacting the estimated 55,000 hair and beauty business in the UK, it’s mental health as well. That’s why I’m proud of our partnership with The Help Hub and our overall focus on Wellness.” – Ryan Baker.

Learn more about the Help Hub, and make sure you’re following us on Instagram to keep up to date with all the amazing giveaways and live chats, and check out our COVID-19 Resource Hub for weekly wellness content and resources!