When you’re running a salon or spa, the last thing you want is to trap your client at the front counter. Our brand new point of sale system makes the payment experience a breeze.

Timely point of sale is a joy to use on both iPad & iPhone. It works seamlessly with salon counter hardware to ensure you’re providing a slick and professional experience for your clients.

We’ve worked hard to deliver a beautiful, functional and fast app that is optimised for touch screens. With the addition of point of sale, the app now covers your customer’s entire experience including arrival, consultation and payment, providing the ultimate flexibility you need.

Timely point of sale is FREE if you are on our Schedule & Sell plan. All you need is an iPad or iPhone and you’re good to go. Not using our Sell features yet? Get in touch with the team to upgrade your plan!

Plug & Play

Got a printer or cash drawer you want to connect to your iPad to take payments? No worries, we’ve made it simple to connect a range of hardware to the Timely app for iPad and iPhone. Simply connect your hardware on the Settings tab and you’re ready to go.

Go mobile

The Timely app goes where you go, opening up a world of new possibilities for you and your business. Check a customer’s prior history, add notes and upsell products, all from your iPhone or iPad.

Running a mobile business? Take payment and book new appointments while you’re out and about, anywhere you have a mobile data connection. The Timely app makes it easier to be truly mobile in your business.

Payment integrations made easy

The best part about having point of sale with Timely is being able to integrate with your favourite payment providers. We’re busy integrating with different payment providers around the world, so you’ll have the choice of what you use.

Timely will reduce the potential for human error by pushing the exact amount required for payment to the terminal. Once payment is received, we’ll update the sale as paid. Too simple! We’ll keep you in the loop with payment integrations as we add them over the coming months.

Go online to do more

The Timely app for iPad and iPhone is backed by the full power of the Timely web app you already know and love. Give your customers a professional, mobile experience and use the web app to check out your reports or manage your staff rosters.

What are you waiting for?

If you’ve got an iPad and/or iPhone, and you’re not using the Timely app, what are you waiting for?! Head over to the App Store and download it today!

If you already have the app installed, you’ll get the updated version within the next 7 days. But if you can’t wait to try it out, go into the App Store app on your iPad or iPhone and choose Updates. Then tap Update for the Timely app.

More Features Coming Soon!

We’ve got some awesome new features to support our new point of sale coming up. We’ll make plenty of noise about it, but keep your eyes peeled for:

  • Credit notes / refunds.
  • Cash-up (reconcile daily takings).
  • Payment terminal integration.
  • Barcode scanning for products.
  • Improved stock management.