Most teenagers in high school don’t know what their passion is. Kate Lugtigheid wasn’t like most teenagers in high school.

Timely is the assistant for this award-winning personal trainer

Even at an early age, she knew that what satisfied her the most was motivating people to be active. PE was her favourite subject in school, but unlike her peers she wasn’t there to escape classes. Kate was there because she had a hunger to be a Personal Trainer. “I always wanted an active job, not a sit-down desk job,” Kate remembers. So that’s what she did.

After working in tourism for a few months, Kate left her job to follow her dream of helping people feel good by being healthy. She moved to Christchurch to study. Shortly afterwards she began working in a women’s gym, but soon moved into her own business full time. Called Pumped, the boutique personal training studio is focussed on building confidence in their clients and helping women feel good about themselves.

“I always wanted an active job, not a sit-down desk job.”

Fast forward to today, Kate and her partner Chris have developed their business into a thriving community of happy and confident women who are proud of their health.

It’s not just their clients who love them though. The duo’s unique approach has been acknowledged by the New Zealand Exercise Industry Awards 2015 with Kate winning the well-deserved Personal Trainer of the Year award.

Personal training software

It’s always been about helping others

Pumped has a personal approach within a commercial fitness facility, giving their clients the best of both worlds. Most of Kate’s training sessions are one-on-one out of this studio she has built. This allows Kate and the PTs at Pumped to build a unique and individual relationship with each client. The clients have better results, and the personal trainers have more flexibility to tailor their programmes for the individual.

“For me, the number one thing is just instilling that confidence and belief in our ladies to be the best person they can be,” Kate says about what matters most to her and her clients. “I want them to have the confidence to back themselves that they can do anything they want to do, and lead a beautiful and happy life.”

This immersive approach has allowed Kate to build longstanding relationships with clients as they make lifelong changes. As a result, once a customer starts at Pumped, they tend to stay there and continue building on their progress.

“I want them to have the confidence to back themselves that they can do anything they want to do, and lead a beautiful and happy life.”

A community of women, for women.

Pumped primarily works with women, with most of them signed up to one of two challenges: 100 days or 20 weeks. There are weekly group training sessions, a yearly 10km run, a monthly breakfast, as well as an online community on Facebook.

The “Pumped family” tunes into this private Facebook group to help support each other. Members of this group are all called Pumped athletes. It’s here that women share their achievements in a warm, supportive community of like-minded ladies. The group is a space where the Pumped family gets to celebrate everyone’s successes, find teammates to join in their fitness activities or simply share an achievement they’ve reached.

Kate says this support network is really important and is happy that it has helped create some beautiful friendships.

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Timely meets all of their requirements, from day one.

Pumped have used Timely to manage their schedule for 3 years, joining shortly after Chris joined the team full-time. At that stage, Kate was writing her schedule in a big A4 paper diary, drawing boxes around her appointments and colouring her sessions in with pink and green highlighter. Chris guided Pumped towards going digital for everything from their schedule and client management with Timely, to accounting with Xero.

Timely was right for them since day one. “We checked it out and it ticked all the boxes for our requirements,” Kate says.

For Chris, the integration with Xero was a key factor as it meant they could move all of the administration for Pumped to digital software. Moving to the cloud means they can keep track of how their business is growing across the board.

“It’s convenient, it’s easy, and it lets you send emails and text messages to your clients to build better relationships.”

Chris loves using Timely to check on their bookings “It is quite handy to be able to generate just a single number to give us a guide to how we’re tracking – that’s a really useful feature.”

Pumped uses Timely as their front-desk assistant. Customer details and history get recorded in Timely on the first booking, and these details automatically sync with Xero. Chris describes Timely as their customer relations management tool and says the impact of adding Timely has been huge.

“Without it we wouldn’t be able to register our customers details with us. It’s effectively our front end CRM system. So once we give them a health form, we then enter all their details with their first booking and that then gets passed to our back-end accounting system. All of our data entry is done through Timely from a customer side and it keeps all of our history.“

Considering how much Pumped focus on their relationships with their clients, having Timely as an assistant who keeps their notes is vital to their award winning operation.

Personal training software

Timely is highly recommended for personal trainers

When asked if they would recommend Timely, Kate answered quickly. “Yep, we already have!” she said.  “I recommend using Timely in your business because it raises the bar professionally and gets you away from the little paper diary,” she continued. “It’s convenient, it’s easy, and it lets you send emails and text messages to your clients to build better relationships.”

With Timely, you can have a glass of wine on a Sunday evening and not have to worry about your sessions the next day.”

“It’s great.”