“I’ve never worried about the money. I truly believe that if you do what you love, the money follows.”


Kylie Hayes and Nelson Morrison have owned salons for decades. They’ve been headhunted by huge product companies, won awards all over the world for their visionary work, and now have their dream salon: a boutique, high-end destination salon in a small city.

The small size and laid-back feel of Moha (a marriage of their surnames) isn’t a just happy accident. Kylie and Nelson have owned larger salons before and found that more people management meant less client time.

They deliberately downsized so they could do more of what they loved.

“That’s what I love. Just turning up to work and enjoying my clients, having fun with them, having a bit of banter and fun with my team while I’m doing it.”

The love is clear as soon as you walk into Moha. It’s an intimate, vibrant space filled with beautiful prints and colours. The spare surfaces are crammed with their many awards, and the laughter from both staff and clients rises up to the high ceiling of the converted Masonic temple.

Exuberant artwork hangs on the walls at Moha Hairdressing

Kylie and Nelson’s joy in their work is contagious. The paintings of their three daughters on the wall is a lovely reminder of how important family is to them. In fact, it’s one of the reasons Moha is what it is.

Portraits of their three children take centre stage at Moha Hairdressing.

“Moha has allowed us to have the freedom and flexibility to grow a family.”

Bringing home the gold

Although they’re both modest and relaxed about it, both Kylie and Nelson are nationally and internationally award-winning hair stylists.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of competing because it was the ability to have a creative outlet,” said Kylie. “That creative fuel comes out when you get on the competition floor.”

Kylie has competed every year since she began hairdressing, and she’s racked up quite a few awards – over 150, she reckons!

A few of the many awards won by Moha directors Kylie Hayes and Nelson Morrison

Managing Moha abroad

One of the reasons they’re able to travel for the competitions while running a business is because of Timely.

“The mobility of Timely is awesome – we use Timely while travelling, at our front desk, but also at the chair if the salon computer is busy. It can go wherever we go, and is always there no matter what device we’re on.”

The flexibility offered by Timely, and being able to access it from anywhere, has been a huge advantage as parents of three and business owners.

Kylie and Nelson have found the elusive work-life blend: they work from home, use Timely to stay on top of things while they’re away, and make sure they’re not pulled away from clients by too much admin.

Although they make it look easy, their journey, from coworkers to life partners to business partners to Moha, was about choices. They pursued what was important to them – family time, control over their business, the ability to travel and compete – until they perfected it all in Moha.

Beautifully patterned chairs and fresh flowers add to the vibrant, lively atmosphere at Moha Hairdressing.

It’s a business that makes room for their lives, instead of taking over their lives. And the beautiful balance they’ve achieved between creativity, business, and family is what makes Moha such a special place to visit.