As a massage therapist, the best way for you to help your customers is to look after yourself first, since without you they have little relief from their stress and pain.

Timely helps massage therapists stress less

This topic has been widely discussed within the massage community recently, as more and more people are learning the importance of self-help and stress prevention. The best way to combat fatigue and stress is to manage your time wisely.

The minutes that you have between back to back clients can either be spent busily getting ready for your next customer, or relaxing and centring yourself. If you manage your time wisely and are prepared for your day, you’ll be able to have those precious minutes to yourself. This often starts with the day before.

Giving your calendar a quick glance and preparing everything you need for your workday before you go to sleep at night will help ensure that you’re not worrying about what you need to do while you’re falling asleep. That peace of mind will also contribute to a good night’s sleep.

Then when you show up to work, you’ll be in control of the calendar. If you’re stressed about what appointments you have next or what you need to do for clients, it’ll make your job harder to do.

That’s where Timely comes in handy. Between appointments, you can  check your calendar on your smartphone using Timely’s mobile-friendly interface, and Timely will do the rest. It will take bookings for you online, which will free you up from being on the phone. It will remind your customers that they have an appointment with you coming up, so that you don’t have disruptive no-shows. It will allow you to invoice and bill your clients after their appointment is over with the click of a button. And when you’re done, you won’t need to ask your customers for their contact details for follow up appointments. Timely automatically captures this information during the booking process and sends it to your MailChimp email marketing system so you can continue to keep in touch with your customers.

With less to do and a better-managed schedule, Timely will give you the opportunity to take more breaks. You can schedule these in throughout the day, so that you have time to eat, drink water, or exercise your hand and arms to prevent muscle fatigue .

There’s a great YouTube video by Kit Laughlin that demonstrates some stretching exercises that you can do in minutes. Some of these are demonstrated here:


Managing your time wisely will help you to stay present and relaxed, both when you’re at work and when you’re not. Timely’s business management solution can help you get more out of your day by automating many of your mundane tasks, while keeping your schedule in check. You’ll be able to access the system from work or at home, or from anywhere in the world since Timely is cloud-based.

Sign up today for a 30 day free trial, and see how you can relieve the stress in your business life with Timely.