Do "When’s my appointment again?” and “Whoops, I forgot I had an appointment today!” sound familiar? You don’t have to put up with these excuses anymore! We chat to salon owner and business coach, Larissa Macleman, about the best Timely client tools to help you save time and protect your revenue.🥳

With over 32 years in the hair and beauty industry and 20 years as an award winning salon owner, Larissa founded the Salon Owners Collective; an online community helping salon owners move from stress, long hours and overwhelm to a life of freedom and profit! Larissa helps salon owners master their role as ‘salon CEO’, grow a rockstar team, lead them to smash sales targets, earn powerful profit, and attract and retain dream clients.

Save yourself the hassle of booking changes

Whether the appointment is changed, confirmed or canceled, save yourself time and keep your clients up to date with Booking changes SMS and emails! There’s no need to jump on the phone if you need to make a small change to an online booking; let Timely do the hard work and notify the client for you 🙌

Larissa’s Tip: Make your messages sound friendly and human. Use language you would use in person and personalise your messages with a first name, and be sure to include your business name! 

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Appointment confirmations and booking changes
How to customise your SMS messages

Protect your business from no-shows

With so much on our minds every day, it can be hard to remember everything we need to do! It’s the same with your clients; if you’re not reminding them of the time and date of their appointment 1 – 2 days beforehand, they might not show up! Reminder and Confirmation messages are a great way to protect your business from those naughty no-shows, and make sure you’re not out of pocket for those missed appointments. 

“No-shows are really detrimental to the salon; not only can the business lose income, it can cause your team to not make sales targets and miss out on commission.” Larissa Macleman 

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Appointment reminders

Let your clients manage their appointments

Timely’s Client Login feature helps you save hours you’d normally spend manually making changes to appointments if clients need to change the date or time, and it’s great for your clients because they have the freedom to manage their upcoming bookings themselves. They can also use it to easily rebook the same services they’ve had in the past (if you allow it), without having to get on the phone 👌 

As well as saving you precious time, Client Login helps you keep your important client data up to date, because they can use it to update their address and any other information that changes.

“I surveyed all incoming phone calls and 50% of them were reschedules of existing appointments! By giving your client access to Client Login, you give them more independence and you save yourself hours each week.” Larissa Macleman

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Watch our Timely demo here to learn more about preventing no-shows!

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