Google is a must for any business, but how do you make it work for yours? We spoke with Steve Moore, owner of 'Bring on Salon Success',  to learn how to get this free service really boosting your salon ⚡️

After 25 years in customer service and construction, Steve Moore decided to jump ship into the salon industry in 2018; working with his wife’s award-winning salon, ‘Moore Beautiful’. Don’t let their success fool you; after wasting time and money on unsuccessful ventures, bad marketing, and buying into ‘gimmicks’, they started ‘Bring On Salon Success’ so that other salon owners could learn from their successes and failings. ‘B.O.S.S’ specialises in coaching salon owners in all aspects of owning, running, and operating their salon to help them stress less, sleep better, and get more time back.

Grow your business with a Google My Business listing 

Basically, a Google My Business listing makes your business visible to all the potential clients that are looking for a business like yours in your area. According to Google data, over the last 2 years searches for local places with the qualifier “near me” have grown by 150%! By Having a Google My Business listing, you’ll show up on those all important “salon near me” searches. 

“It’s super important for every salon to have a Google My Business listing to make your business as visible as possible to all of your potential clients. If they can’t easily find you, you’re not capturing as many possible clients as you could be.” Steve Moore

So, what are some of the do’s and don’ts? 

Don’t set and forget ❌

Add images of your work at least once a week, so that you’re always giving your Google searchers fresh new content. When you Google your business, take note of all the information that is presented to you, such as open and closed times, contact details, closed dates etc. These details need to be updated frequently to make sure that people are getting the most up to date and correct information. 

“Keeping your Google My Business up to date is crucial. Most people will set it up to get themselves on the map, but don’t realise that their posts will come up when people do a google search.” Steve Moore

Do add a booking link to your listing ✅

Having a link to book in Timely on your Google My Business page is super important. People don‘t want to click a million other places to make a booking, so if you have an enticing listing and a button or a link to your online booking, they can snag an appointment straight away

Help guide:
Add Online Booking to Google My Business

Watch the demo here to learn more! 

Keen to learn more do’s and don’ts for your Google My Business listing?✨  

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