It's been a huge year for the whole team here at Timely, and it's all thanks to you! Let's look back on some of the features we've added this year.

Timely Features Wrap Up

This year we’ve had an awesome time giving power to the people and letting you help shape Timely into a system chock full of features you use on a daily basis. We stand by this process for building the best booking system for a range of different industries.

As a team, we’ve loved your responses to features we’ve implemented. It’s always great to hear that a feature is making life easier for you. So here’s a bit of a wrap-up of some of the cool stuff we’ve added this year (from oldest to newest):


Back in January (it feels like years ago doesn’t it!?), we added the ability to schedule breaks with ease. With a few clicks you can easily set up breaks for your staff on a recurring basis.

Edit break modal


Packages was one of our most popular requests, and this awesome feature was added in February. Packages allow you to sell packaged services at a cheaper rate, and track sales and redemptions. We also added classes to packages later in the year. So much goodness!

Customer sidebar

The customer sidebar provides quick access to customer information directly from the Calendar. You can easily see the customer’s previous appointments, invoices, packages and notes.

Quickbooks Online integration

To add to our Xero and MYOB integrations, this year we added Quickbooks Online to our add-ons. Invoices raised in Timely sync to Quickbooks so you can keep your accounts in order.

Timely iOS app

July was a momentous month for us as we released our first iOS app. The first version of our iOS app is the first step on a journey to a beautiful, full-featured mobile experience. Expect exciting updates to the app in 2016!

Timely iOS app screenshot

Service groups and processing time

We introduced service groups this year, which are an easy way to group services that you would normally perform together, such as a colour, cut, and blowdry.

Add a service group screenshot

You can include the newly added processing time (free space that allows you or your customers to book another appointment in that slot) to these service groups too.

Gift vouchers

Move over, gift vouchers are here! This was one of our most highly requested features, and we were so excited to release it. We had some brilliant beta testers who helped make this feature awesome.

So much more to come!

There are loads more things we’ve added to Timely in 2015 that we don’t have space to cover here, like our new Dashboard, online class payments, a revamped online bookings process and more.

We’ve been blown away by the feedback you all have given us over the past year, and we know we’ve got a lot more to do! We can’t wait to jump into 2016 – see you next year!