Family means different things to different people and here at Timely we embrace a family first mentality in all we do.

Timely Family Day

Our culture revolves around making sure each and every team member feels comfortable and secure in bringing their whole self to work. This means ensuring that what’s important to each member as an individual is also valued from a company perspective.

Here, at Timely we actively encourage putting those things first. Whether that means dropping tools and heading to your basketball game at 4.30 on a Tuesday, taking a break at lunch time to grab a gym session for your upcoming marathon or coaching your sons soccer team after school on a Monday. We encourage each team member to be who they truly are and to incorporate that into their #timelylife.


To celebrate who we are as a whole, once a year we bring the people who are most important to us together for a family fun day. This year we ran dual sessions in both Wellington and Dunedin and despite the weather gods, we all had a blast.

Kieran Prisk with his wife and baby

Timely family day kids

Timely kids treasure hunt

We develop a deeper sense of empathy towards people when we are privileged enough to meet those close to them.

Burger Blue Timely family day lunch

Rueben Skipper and Jack Harris

By spending time with our teams loved ones, we get a better understanding of who they really are. We get to see them on a more holistic level and can better understand how we, as a company fit into that landscape. Thanks Timely family for a great day!