We've just deployed another round of updates to Timely! We don't mess around do we? Our last major upgrade was just 6 days ago.

Below are the details and as always hit us up at http://help.gettimely.com if you have any questions or suggestions.

Oh and just a heads-up that the mobile version is coming along nicely. The mocks are looking beautiful. Exciting stuff!

An update on Xero

We’re in the final stages of our pilot testing with Xero and expect to open this to all customers any day now. Here’s a sneak preview of a new “Invoices” tab we’ve added. You can access this at the end of the day to quickly raise Xero invoices for all your appointments:



We’ve added our first report to Timely. Don’t worry – we’ll add more soon! This deploy mostly included all the complex back end stuff to make reports work. Now that’s out of the way we can quickly add more reports.


SMS low balance reminders

You need SMS credits before we can send your customers SMS reminders and notifications. If your SMS credit’s are running low you’ll now get a reminder from us to top-up. We’ve set the reminder level to 100 but you can easily change this by going to Settings > Business Settings > Notification and reminder settings.

Customise your calendar

You can now change the interval of your calendar slots by accessing Settings > Business Settings > Calendar Settings. This is great if take appointments every 20 minutes, 10 minutes, or whatever.