Michael started his business out of a desire to create an environment that was in line with his core values: one that he would want to train at. Unable to find that perfect space, he built Integra: a gym with a client-defined approach to training.

Customer of the Week: Integra
When we started, personal training studios were still rare. Most people used large, impersonal gyms.

On Michael’s wish list was a space where the individual was at the heart of the business. At Integra, it’s important that each individual is catered for, and inspired to fulfil their goals and outcomes in a personal manner.

For Michael, the size of his business matters. It’s about being small and mighty, focussing on quality over quantity. Perhaps not the usual approach to business, but it’s proving to be a success.

Staying small means we’re agile and can implement changes quickly.

When clients join, they understand they’re part of a fitness family that’s motivated to do the right thing.

Timely customer of the week: Integra

Integra customises its training to individual needs; they don’t just slot clients into an existing exercise model. Each person’s unique anatomy and goals are at the foundation of their method.

Michael believes that the size of the business works to his advantage. He’s in no rush to crowd out his gym simply to increase revenue.

We have one aim: to get better at the art and science of personal training.

Michael’s goal is to raise the bar on personal training, and influence the fitness industry so that it can expand and develop in the right way.

Exploring the tug of war that exists at each and every joint. Can you see it? Can you see the relationship between the external resistance and the internal resistance fighters? And how that changes at each degree of motion? How do you think this will affect your results, or your client’s results? How will this affect the exercise experience? Understanding biomechanics gives you real, tangible and objective data to make decisions with each and every individual. And deliver results more efficiently. We had a great weekend exploring the upper extremity with an amazing group of Personal Trainers. Thank you all for your participation, your questions and your exploration. We had a lot of fun. See you at the next one! c.c. @integra_london

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For Michael, the best thing about starting his business has been the people he’s met, and the staff and friends who he works alongside.

The old adage is that you’re a product of the people you surround yourself with. My team and clients inspire me daily.

We’re so pleased your hard work and attention to detail is being recognised, Michael. We will continue to follow your journey eagerly!