A talented hair pro and cosmetologist, Natalia Han has many strings to her bow. She spent years specialising in bridal makeup, collaborating with talented photographers for magazine publications, beauty pageants and bridal events. As with many all-rounders, though, Natalia also had trouble finding the business path that was the right fit.

Customer of the Week: Natalia Han

But after opening her barbershop last month, our latest Timely Customer of the Week thinks she’s finally found her niche.

She’s already attracted a horde of loyal followers to her new barbershop in Texas, mere weeks after opening.

Although new to business, Natalia is not unfamiliar with the salon industry. She spent years shadowing her mother in her salon, which gave her hands-on training and exposed her to the places hairdressing could take her.

“I spent endless hours watching and learning from her, sweeping up hair and learning the tricks of the trade.”

Natalia’s new business venture offers men’s shaves and cuts, an area she specialised in through study. She found the work just as intense and challenging as hairdressing, despite the different skillset.

“Barbering requires a high level of concentration and vision. You have to be precise, and have a steady hand.”

Starting a business has been the drive Natalia needed to take responsibility for her future. What drives her the most is working on her brand. The balance of risk and reward in being an entrepreneur is something she thrives on.

The recipe for an entrepreneur

“When you’re the voice and driver behind all aspects of business, it can feel risky and it isn’t always easy,” she says. “But when you see results and witness your brand flourishing, it’s extremely rewarding.”

Natalia emphasises that to be successful in business, it requires hard work and grit. As a self-confessed perfectionist, she wouldn’t have it any other way.

What Natalia loves is that the hairdressing industry is always evolving. Hairdressing is no longer seen as a trade, or a necessity – it’s an art and an experience. And it’s this element of the hairdressing world that Natalia loves.

As a busy solo-preneur, Timely has been an easy solution to Natalia’s admin headaches.

“Timely is the way to go. I am stress-free knowing that I can get everything done, and trust my business is running the way it should.”

We’re glad Timely can let Natalia spread her wings and do what she does best, and we can’t wait to see how far she goes with her new venture.