Abbie O’Rourke opened Feel Fresh Nutrition in 2015 on a quest to challenge the status quo. Due to their refreshing and personal approach to wellbeing, this team of nutritionists are becoming increasingly sought after.


Customer of the Week: Feel Fresh Nutrition

When Abbie established Feel Fresh Nutrition, two trends were on the rise in the industry.

Firstly, she noticed a rise in unqualified pseudo-operators offering nutrition advice.

On the flip side, the ideologies of the legitimate, established nutritionists in Auckland were dated. She found that new research, and alternative approaches to health, were largely being ignored in favour of the status quo.

Abbie saw space for a business that could offer scientifically qualified, trustworthy and up-to-date insight into nutrition. And so, Feel Fresh Nutrition was born.

What Abbie loves most about running her own business is having the freedom to decide what’s best for her clients.

“In these instances ‘what is best’ is going beyond the business model to make a difference in someone’s life.”

Abbie finds it liberating to make these calls, and feels it moves beyond the constraints of a job description.

Abbie Orourke bespoke nutrition plans Timely

The team stresses that there is no ‘one size fits’ all approach when creating nutrition programmes. No matter how perfectly calibrated a meal plan is for the client, it needs to fit in with their specific lifestyle.

“Nutrition is more than just food. We treat each client as an individual case and we take pride in the fact that we do not hand out generalised health plans.”

It’s this extremely personal approach to nutrition that has seen Abbie such success.

Using Timely to serve her clients

Of course, creating a personalised, boutique plan for each client is much more time-intensive than offering a “one size fits all” plan for everyone. Using Timely gives Abbie the time she needs to focus in on what matters — her clients.

“Timely has given me more time to research and plan, meaning we’re on top of our game when a client walks through the door.”

Beyond the one-on-one consults, Feel Fresh Nutrition also offer nutritional seminars and corporate wellness packages. These are bespoke programs, tailored to the work environment that empower staff to live and work as healthy, motivated people.

Abbie stresses that you must play the long game when it comes to nutrition. There are no quick-win approaches — it’s about creating positive diet and lifestyle changes that will lead to long-term change.